September 17, 2021

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5 Best Ways Of Create Digital Catalogand Magazines To Grab Your Audience Create A Digital Catalog

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Create Digital Catalogand Magazines

We are living in modern times and Digital also so an online digital catalog is a must. Through a digital catalog, anyone can easily grab more customers rapidly at any time.

When you publish your digital catalogs with flipping Book, they rapidly and easily become more accessible for any device using it can be you’re desktop or mobile. The plus point of creating your digital catalog is that your customers don’t need to download them at all.

You just need to divide your publications through the help of any source you want and it can be in the form of any catalog like email, website, social media, etc.

By following some ways you can create a Digital catalog:

 1 # Ziniy:

Ziniy is the best digital publishing online platform that helps you to conveniently create your catalog more easily and rapidly. It provides you the best tools to convert PDF files into a digital catalog only with the help of some clicks.

So, if you are having a PDF file good news for you is you can start digital publishing.

2# Add Images and links to your Catalog:

Add as many images, links, and videos to grab the attention of your viewers as you can. It is very important to add them to your material for effectiveness. Images should be of high quality.

3# Customize your Logo:

Customize your online flipbook by adding a logo and attractive backgrounds that enhance the ratability of your brand image.

4# select the page size of the Catalog:

You can choose any page size you want from many famous options for complete linking to your custom files in your digital catalog.

5# Use advertising Banners:

It is ideal to make use of different advertising banners to get the attention of your clients by the way and one more important thing to do is that offer your clients some deals so they will automatically be attracted.

Create Online Magazine From PDF

Create Online Magazine From PDF.


Wants a professional online Magazine? Ziniyis here to provide you the traditional and advanced magazines within a few hours.

Zinn’s professional magazine makers can create an online magazine from PDF for you. They are highly skilled that they can create an online, magazine from PDF.

The stages that Ziniyfollow are discussed below.


Stage 1: Upload PDF Document:

With using an advanced magazine creator they import your provided PDF file into XML in a few minutes.

They also bookmark links, and watermarks in your magazine in the first stage of creating an online PDF magazine.


Stage 2: Customization.

At stage 2 we make free to you to select your favorite outlook for your online digital magazine. At the same time, you are free to choose your desire themes, templates, and backgrounds.

Means ziniy’s professionals give you the opportunity to customize your online PDF magazine just the way you want.

Stage 3: Publication.

After creating an online magazine from PDF. It’s all up to you to publish it online or make a hard copy of it for offline reading.

The choice is all yours.

For online publishing: You can choose WordPress, joomal, and Drupal websites to the plugin.

For Offline Publishing: You can choose HTML, exe, app, and FBR format.

Magazine Creator:

Ziniy’s professionals use some of the greatest gratis online magazine creators such as.

  • Flip PDF professional
  • Flipping Book
  • Flipsnack
  • Mag loft
  • Lucid press
  • Canva
  • Issuu

So join ziniy right now to get professional and admirable online digital magazines and catalogs for your businesses.

We are quite sure with ziniy your experience would be great and interesting.

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