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5 Best 123Movies Alternatives

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Best 123Movies Alternatives 2022

The search for free streaming providers that don’t end up drowning you in advertisements is a challenge and the marketplace for the most reliable streaming sites is huge across the globe.

However, any decent site will eventually be blocked as it is in violation of the law regarding copyright.

123movies are on their own in the free streaming game that is a great way to entertain someone who has been searching for years. Since a long time, 123movies was the number one streaming service, but it was soon shut down and breach.

However, it didn’t stop people from streaming 123movies online. The users continued to stream their movies on the site until they realized they had to find alternatives to 123movies. 123movies was closed and users started looking for alternatives.

Copyright Infringement Warning

Each streaming platform is faced by a frank challenge from its viewers to determine if it is safe and legal to stream on these sites? Because every country has different regulations for streaming services The legality of 123Movies has been relegated to a grey zone. They are not able to be in compliance with all laws in the book.

Streaming online content is legal in certain areas however it is not permitted in a few, like in the United States and Germany.

We suggest using the VPN for streaming to ensure your online activities safe regardless whether 123movies is legal or not. The VPN can also allow you to use other streaming websites anonymously, without worrying whether your internet connection is tracked back to your. Also Read: Maddam Sir

Is 123Movies Safe to Use?

123movies is a reliable site which has been operating for a long time. Because this platform was created to provide the most enjoyable online video streaming service, the 123movies is packed with ads. In the event that you select the ads you will be redirected to a different third-party website.

While 123movies is safe however, other websites are dangerous because they are filled with malicious files like ransomware, malware and even viruses. Even the fact that you have a solid firewall they can cause issues and damage your device. We recommend using an antivirus software and a VPN to allow you to enjoy 123movies in a safe manner. Just by accessing a website, you run the possibility of acquiring viruses on your computer!

Best Alternatives to 123Movies to 123Movies you must stream today

Alternatives to 123movies are available everywhere on the internet with hundreds of result pages available. We cannot guarantee that the video streaming will be of the highest quality! We’ve put together a list of the most popular streaming options for 123movie.


1. LosMovies

LosMovies is the sole alternative to 123Movies that permits users to search by director, the year of its release and the genre. Think about how simple to search for your most loved TV or movie show with the vast array of filters. This site has its own distinct design and was designed to give users an enjoyable and simple experience. The site has been growing in terms of visitors and overall popularity in the last year. That’s why we recommend LosMovies especially should you be looking for an alternative to 123movies.

There are nearly 40000 movies and more than 8000 TV shows that are available in HD. You’ll be able to watch the entire collection of your favorite films that have subtitles, and in many languages.

2. SubsMovies

SubsMovies is among the few websites that have demonstrated such determination and persistence to provide its users with high-definition videos. They offer a variety of movies, TV shows and web series that include subtitles in different languages. Sites online streaming movies and web-based series are extremely popular in the present and their popularity has exploded. Adults and children alike prefer to stream web-based shows films, cartoons, and movies on mobile phones. Subtitles in films or web series are an essential feature for those who don’t have a good grasp of the language.

3. FMovies

FMovies is among the most popular alternative to 123movies because it doesn’t contain distracting ads that could hinder the online experience. It’s safe to say that FMovies is similar to the interface of 123movies. This makes it a perfect alternative. If that’s not enough, the platform provides HD movies as well as a huge range of titles to choose from. If you loved the 123movies series, we recommend FMovies that is a clone of the 123movies. Although signing up to receive the exclusive contents is certainly an option it’s not required.

4. Sockshare

SockShare is a site which lets you stream complete length movies as well as TV shows and anime free online. In the years since the US government shut down Megaupload off the market in the latter half of 2012, it gained the top of the list along with Putlocker. SockShare and Putlocker have become the top sites to watch films online without the need to download the movies.

Because a large portion of the content can be uploaded from the user, the website lists videos that have been uploaded on other websites. This means that SockShare doesn’t offer pirated content directly. Instead it serves as a general directory, listing the content available through other platforms, and making it simple to find.

SockShare is a media indexer that has links to video hosting sites like TheVideo, Veoh, VidTo and many more. Users can search for the latest films to stream using the site by typing in the name of a television show, film actor, genre or.

It’s important to know that it does not host the content you see, instead, it indexes the content available on other websites.

5. Putlocker

Putlocker is another popular website that has millions of users. The platform operates the same manner as 123movies and gives users an extensive selection of films and shows. The reason Putlocker includes television and films in accordance with the date of their release is among the most appealing features of the website. It is true that this means that Putlocker is constantly maintained by its members and it is possible to see almost every movie or TV show available on it.

It allows users to find IMDB scores for films to determine whether or not to go to the theater and watch them. The feature also includes “Most Viewed” that lists the top rated films and shows that viewers are watching on the internet. Users can also select between HD as well as non-HD versions of the latest movies and shows with an algorithm for filtering.

Have you ever seen an free film on Putlocker? If you’ve ever been not able to access 123Movies this is an excellent solution.


The article is over! I hope that once you’ve come across websites such as 123movies that you can keep your interest in movies for years to come. Now you can watch and stream your favourite films online!

123movies is among the most well-known websites to stream and download movies online and comes with many interesting features. But, you don’t have to need a single source for everything.

So, knowing these six locations that are like 123movies may be useful when 123movies isn’t available at your location. It’s also possible that it’s not available due to some reason that isn’t clear.

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