September 18, 2021

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4 Best Teeth Replacement Options to Adopt If You Have Missing Teeth

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Teeth can make or break a face. A good set of teeth enhance a person’s overall appearance and also his self-confidence.

Gapped teeth and missing teeth are some of the dental problems that directly influence a person’s confidence.

If a person has a lot of teeth missing, it can affect his confidence in a grave way.

But with advanced dental procedures like all on 4 dental implants, people can now walk with their heads high and smiles wide.

This article talks about tooth replacement options available these days. They are:

1.Dental Implants

Dental implants are a traditional method of replacing a missing tooth. They are durable if maintained properly. The implants look real enough and hence are a popular option among many.

The process involves replacing the roots of teeth with screws. The implants take a few months to get healed. The dental implant should be completely healed and set into the jaw before fixing the false tooth. Once healed, a dental crown is mounted onto it.

This type of tooth replacement is permanent and saves the patient from regular checkups. The missing tooth is fixed without impacting adjacent teeth. Hence, it won’t cause any adverse effect on other healthy teeth

2.Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge is used when a person has several teeth missing in a row. Since replacing each missing tooth is cumbersome and expensive, an implant-supported bridge is ideal. In this method, the metal screws are fixed at only ends, and the teeth at the middle are fixed without any screws.

Implant-supported bridges are cost-effective and a better option than implants if a person has several missing teeth. They give a natural look to give people the liberty to be social without bothering about their teeth.3.


Dentures are removable teeth replacement techniques where teeth as well the tissue holding the teeth are fixed onto the teeth. People using this can put and remove it at their convenience. They are of two types- complete and partial.

Permanent dentures are best for people who have lost all teeth in their mouth. Two full rows of teeth along with a set of surrounding tissues are what make a complete denture. They are made of acrylic.

When a person has not lost all his teeth and has one or two missing teeth, partial dentures are used. The dentures are attached to adjacent teeth. It comes with a set of teeth and gum that matches the colour of the person’s gum. They are affordable and easy to maintain.

4.All on 4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 implants are a type of implant-supported bridge that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. 4 implants are fixed at the front and back of the teeth. In the front, they are fixed vertically, while in the molar region of the teeth, they are fixed at a lower angle.

Four implants are fixed on each jaw, and they have a cap-shaped tip to increase the connection between the jaw and the teeth. This imparts a natural feeling and hence makes the patient more confident in this kind of implant. The process of fixing can be done immediately after the implant fixture, unlike other types of replacements that take several visits to the dentist.

The comfort provided by this kind of replacement is manifold when compared to other types of replacement. Speaking and chewing would seem almost natural with this kind of implant.

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