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3 Reasons You Need a Windows Task Scheduler

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Windows Task Scheduler

Scheduling and Sending out Automated Emails

When using Windows Task Scheduler it is a great tool that can help individuals do a lot of different things to help them stay productive throughout the day or week. First of all, a great way to stay productive is to automate and schedule specific emails that can be very beneficial to an individual’s productivity. Furthermore, an individual that works from home or has their own business this will be a very important feature this task scheduler provides for them. When working at home or having an online business there will need to be specific emails that are automated or that need to be scheduled to be sent to specific people. This could mean success or failure when it comes to specific situation whenever an individual is working from home. For example, if another company asks an individual they want a bulk order of a product it would be wise to have specific emails automated to have a response sent to them immediately to ensure that business is not lost due to taking a while to respond to clients. In order to do this task all that needs to be done is create a task in the task scheduler and then simply create a script that will automate the sending of specific emails to a specific person or group.

Starting Out a Day an Organized Browser, Favorite Song, or Video

When starting out a day it is important that a day is started in a positive way, because for some individuals starting off the day in a bad mood can really damper an individual’s day. So for this reason it is great to have a favorite song, motivational video, or morning meditation practice played first thing in the morning. Moreover, even if an individual does not like to wake up to music or video Windows Task Scheduler can also automatically bring up a browser and specific website for an individual at a set time making for another great use of the automated program. First, to get a song to be played automatically at a certain to using this task scheduler all individuals have to do is simply start a task and in the action choose start a program then simply use this phrase to completed the automated task,”wmplayer “c:\songname.mp3.” Doing this will help ensure that a specific song is played at a certain time every morning. Next, if interested in playing a specific video on this task manager it will be important to connect a laptop to a tv monitor so this works in the best fashion. Following up, it will be wise to remember to keep the computer running on sleep mode and schedule the task to run while in sleep mode so the scheduler understand what it needs to play. Finally remember to have the video downloaded so it can play in the windows player. Lastly, when have a browser be set up to be automated all that needs to be down is add a script to the task manager and in the argument section add the specific web pages that are needed to be displayed when the automated browser opens to enjoy this feature.

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Storing Monthly Backups to a Cloud

Lastly, when doing anything on a computer it is important to always have some of back up so if anything happens to a computer all lf the data on it is not lost forever. Now with cloud services all data that is saved onto a computer can now be saved without the need of a physical medium or hard drive. With the use of cloud service information can forever now be saved in a digital cloud forever protecting individuals data. First, when using Windows Task Scheduler to save a monthly backup to a cloud service, it will be important to have a cloud service like Onedrive and also download SyncToy. This will make it possible for the everything an individual chooses to sync to go to the cloud service they choose. Lastly, the next step would be to simply create a script that will automatically copy over specific information on a hard drive to the cloud service on a specific day or when a set amount of time has gone by.

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