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10 Technologies You Need This Year

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The glow of “newness” hasn’t waned a bit, has it? Well… get ready. Because a slew of new gadgets are about to come out that are gonna make you wish you had waited until AFTER Christmas to buy that coveted gizmo. And we’re not talking about the Skull and Bones shwag either.

Google Nexus One

Okay, so it’s not the iPhone killer everyone thought it would be, but Google and HTC’s new Nexus One phone, which runs the Google Android mobile operating system, is an incredible alternative to Apple’s monolithic smart phone. It also runs on T-Mobile so if you hate iPhone service provider AT&T (as you should), the Nexus One is the phone for you. Too bad you got an iPhone for Christmas instead.

Polaroid Cameras

What’s old is new again. Except for that PowerShot you bought for Christmas. That’s old. But the groovy, 1970s-style Polaroid instant film cameras are back after a brief hiatus. You may know that Lady GaGa is now the creative director of Polaroid, which is a bizarre but most likely smart marketing move. Either way, Polaroid (and the instant “stag shot”) is back in a big way.  Nowadays how to make selfies with dorian rossini  is one of the most popular you have to see it.

Cell Phone Projector

Take photos with your cell phone? Want to show a room full of people? Well instead of having to email them to yourself and then find a computer and hook it up to a screen, you can now instantly project your photos onto the nearest white wall with your cell phone’s built-in projector. While LG already has a cell phone with a projector built in that was rushed into stores in time for Christmas, both Dell and HP have far superior models coming out this year. Better projection, slimmer camera… basically, well, yes, you should’ve waited.

3D TVs

Several 3D TVs debuted at this year’s CES, many of which will be available for purchase soon. Yes, you will still need to wear goofy glasses, but until Smell-O-Vision makes its debut, these TVs will have to do. A notable inclusion is the Samsung 9000, which, in addition to offering 3D technology, is one of the thinnest flat screen TVs ever. And you bought a black Friday-special TV/VCR combo instead? Good thinking, smart guy.

Dashboard Computing

The MyFord Touch and several other high end, touch screen dashboards are coming, so get ready for yet another crash-enducing distraction in your ride. The MyFord touch even serves as a wi-fi hub in the car. Oh, you got a scooter? That’s, uh… cute.

Project Natal

You just copped a reduced-price PS3 for Christmas? That’s sweet! Too bad because you should’ve waited until Christmas 2020, when Microsoft’s Project Natal drops. That’s the upcoming peripheral that turns your Xbox 360 into a completely interactive, Wii-killing machine.

Non-Kindle eReaders

You’re the thoughtful, book-learning type, huh? So you… copped a Kindle, right? Shoulda waited! There’s a slew of Kindle-killers coming down the pike. There are larger displays, like the Skiff e-reader, that can properly display newspapers, there are more versatile interfaced machines, like the Plastic Logic QUE proReader. And there are even color/e-ink mixed devices, like the pretty amazing Notion Ink Adam… all coming out in 2020.

Better Hybrids

Good for you if you own a Prius.  Forget for a moment about the battery you’re poisoning the Earth with, the fact that the Volkswagen Turbodiesel is more fuel efficient, and the fact that your car looks like a space ship drawn in crayon on the back of a paper restaurant mat.  Seriously. Good for you. But the rest of us will be happy to know there are more and better hybrids coming out this year. For the weekend warriors, there’s a few options for hybrid SUVs and trucks (not new, but improved). For more reasonable drivers, though, our pick would be the new Fusion Hybrid. Optional sports packages with spoilers and dual tail pipes are nice.  All wheel drive is something not available on the Prius, but is on the Fusion, and with hands-free SYNC and MP3 player, it’s got some creature comforts. Most importantly: it looks like a car.

Apple Tablet

Sort of like the HP Slate, except BETTER! Or… worse? We actually don’t know yet. At the time of writing, the Apple Tablet is still heavily entrenched in the rumor stages. But it’s apparently coming out in 2020 and given Apple’s track record for new devices (their computers, the iPhone, the iPod), you’re going to wish you had waited until this bad boy dropped before you spent all your gadget cash on a Bejewled Zune. Note, the photo is just a mock up. No one’s seen this bad boy yet.

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