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10 Great Professional Eye Makeup Looks

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Professional eye makeup is essential to make your eyes stand out. And, as part of a cosmetology, it’s even more important. So, what are some professional eye makeup looks that are fashionable, and what tips can you follow to get the look?

A nude lip with a bold, thick eye shadow. This look will help to define your eye shape, and make your lips look larger than they actually are. The tone and color of your lip can be the same as your eye shadow. If you have dark skin, you could just wear a very dark stain to give your eyes more of a dramatic look. On the other hand, if you have lighter skin, you could use a shade or two lighter.

Use mascara. For those who have naturally dark hair, this makeup look is perfect. All you need to do is to apply the mascara at the lash line, and for lighter hair, a darker shade of mascara can make you appear bigger.

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Blush and highlight. Try to find a blush or highlight that compliments your skin tone, and always apply with a highlighting brush. Doing so will not only make your blush stand out, but also help to lighten and highlight your complexion.

Use the shape of your eyes. This is another makeup look that’s popular, but it’s very important to remember that just because your eyes are big doesn’t mean that you need to go full out and go for the LBD.

If you’re tired of those dark circles under your eyes, try to do up those circles in layers, or use eye shadows with a brownish undertone. This will make the eye shadow look more natural, and there’s no risk of it making your eyes look larger.

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Start with a pencil eyeliner. Next, pick a smudge brush and do up some smoky eye effects with a gradient.

This look will let you create eyes that are clean, soft, and artistic. Start by putting on a pair of eyeshadow (using a shadow that’s lighter and darker shades) and a dark liner. Next, use the liner to create the shape of the eyes, and then apply the smoky eye effect on top.

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