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10 Best Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

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Hand sanitizer dispensers are becoming a necessity day by day. Earlier they were usually used in hospitals but nowadays it is used in each and every office, malls and hotels. These dispensers are available in different sizes and designs that can be stuck on a wall or kept on a stand. They can be small or big in size depending on the capacity of sanitizer to be filled in it. 

Cleanliness and hygiene is always the first priority for every human. When you can’t find soap and water or any other equipment to clean or wash your hands then sanitizer is the best option on behalf of it. You can get your hand instantly cleaned wherever you need with the help of sanitizers. 

There are many hand sanitizer dispensers available and some of them are listed below:

  1. Bobrick Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Bobrick Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

It is a stainless steel dispenser that can be stuck on a wall and takes less space. The rectangular shape makes it look simple and elegant and can be mounted at any place. The dispenser can be refilled with sanitizer or soap water when the gel gets finished. It is easy to use and manage by everyone who wants to use it.


It can be placed on any wall and in small spaces. 

It is made up of stainless steel and is a rust free product.

  1. Georgia Pacific Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Georgia Pacific Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This automatic hand dispenser is one of the coolest dispensers. You do not need to touch the dispenser, just keep your hand below it and get your hands sanitized. It is wall mounted, it has the capacity of 1000-1200 ml. It has the automatic adjustment that helps to control the wastage of the gel or soap.


Its automatic feature helps prevent touching the dispenser.

It has lockable security making it safe for children.


  1. Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This hand dispenser is also automatic. It is easy to use and get managed. It takes just a few minutes to get it assembled. It’s off white colour and perfect shape makes it a worth buying product. This wall mount dispenser can be placed in hospitals, offices or anywhere you need.  


It has a good sanitizer storing capacity.

Due to its automatic working you don’t need to touch or press it for use. 


  1. Clorox Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Clorox Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

It is a touchless hand dispenser usually having one litre capacity. Its automatic function makes it a better product. The white colour makes it look more cool. It is also a wall mounted dispenser that can be placed on any wall. As the capacity is good it is a proper product to use in hospitals and clinics.


It has a good storing capacity.

It is simply rectangular in shape and requires less space. 


  1. O-Cedar Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Clorox Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The dispenser is made up of durable plastic material that makes it easy to clean and manage. This square shaped white colour commercial use dispenser is also wall mounted and has a good cartridge capacity. It is reusable and is perfect for official use, institutes, malls or any place where there are numerous visits in a day.      


It is made up of hard plastic that prevents it from breaking.

It has no difficult setup.


  1. SC Johnson Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

SC Johnson Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A well-known company providing you a great dispenser. Keep it at malls, offices or shops. It is a better choice for any place. Hang it on the wall and refill it when necessary. It’s 1-litre capacity is good enough for your satisfaction. It is one of the trusted products for many consumers.  


Wall-mounted with easy setup and good capacity.

Easy to use and is made up of durable material.


  1. Germ-X Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Germ-X Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Opt for a medium sized germ-x hand sanitizer dispenser. As it is small in size it is preferable for small shops or other places. Easy to fill and use, the empty dispenser can also be refilled when you need. A good equipment to use when you need to clean your hands at any time.  


It is not very big in size so it can be mounted anywhere.

The sleek design makes it look better.


  1. Alpine Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The best part about this one is that it has dual cartridges, one for soap water and one for sanitizer. The front curvy shape gives it a clean and proper look. Due to its dual storage feature, it is the most proper choice for consumers. It can easily be refilled and can be cleaned when needed.     


Easy to set up and manage by anyone.

Stores both soap and sanitizer.


  1. Purell Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Purell Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

You don’t need to assemble it on the wall, just keep it on its stand. You can take it anywhere you want or else keep it near the door so that when anyone enters the place he first sanitizes his hands and then comes inside. Fix it on the stand and get it refilled easily whenever needed. You do not need to make a special place for it, just keep it wherever you feel convenient.   


It can be kept anywhere you need.

It has no difficult setup.

  1. HandiPod Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 

A small handy dispenser that can be kept in your bag or anywhere else. Going out for some work or travelling a long distance this handiPod can help you sanitize your hands at any time.It’s small and round design makes it more relevant. 


It is refillable and not so costly.

It is very convenient and easy to use.  

The main point is to be safe and hygienic and for that, you can opt for any hand sanitizer dispenser that you feel convenient with regarding its storing capacity and design. Different design and amazing features make the dispensers look worth buying. You get options regarding cartridge capacity and the great thing is that the dispensers are having reusable facilities. 

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