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How To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

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quickbooks error h505

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software available in the market today. Since this application comes with many perks. Small and medium businesses depend to a large extent on this. Right from Finance Challan to Payroll. QuickBooks has many features that ensure the smooth transformation of a business.

Even though QuickBooks is very beneficial, its users sometimes face some errors. One of the common errors is QuickBooks error h505 which is basically a multi-user hosting problem. This error often occurs when a user tries to access a company file on another computer and that system is devoid of some installation setup.

Below are some reasons for QuickBooks Error h505

  • H202 leads to an error when a user tries to access a company file located on another computer and fails to access the QuickBooks server. 
  • QuickBooks installed in the computer are installed to allow shared connections to the company file. However. QuickBooks is not able to communicate which leads to error H202. 
  • When a user tries to open a company file located on another computer that needs additional installation and set-up for a successful installation, it also causes an error H101.1-1303 and h505 
  • The opening of the QuickBooks company file on the computer failed while the installation of QuickBooks is in multi-user mode.
  • When QuickBooks Error h505 Encounter
  • The computer may contain Fi Reva II security software that can block access when it is located in a company file. 
  • QuickBooks fails to obtain the Internet Protocol address of the computer where the company file is placed.
  • Damaged .ND file.
  • A hosting configuration setting is incorrect

QuickBooks error h505 solution:

These solutions will help you to fix this error, further, you unable to shut out this error then get help from the Quickbooks customer service

Solution 1: Create exception settings for the firewall

  1. First click on Start and then go to Control Panel. Now click on the control panel and find the firewall settings. Click on firewall settings and then allow a program through the firewall 
  2. After this click on add program and add book at 20ho <for exception list 
  3. Now restart the computer to make sure all changes are done correctly Are applied from

Solution 2: Analyze QuickBooks Hosting Settings

  • Open the QuickBooks software on both computers configured as a multi-user. 
  • Now click on the file and then after stop hosting multi-user configuration on utilities 
  • Now go to utilities and start hosting the file on a computer and then on host multi-user configuration 
  • After that restart both Quickbooks.

Solution 3: Change QuickBooks folder location settings

  • First, create a new folder on the hosting computer, then set the Windows Access permissions to share the company file and then click Share. If you are not able to access the QuickBooks file server, you must report to IT professionals 
  • Now copy the .qbw file to the new folder. Then simply open the company file in your system. HSO5 error on Windows server

The user first needs to check connectivity so that they can use the network diagnostic tool from the Intuit QuickBooks Tools list. However, many times this is seen by the accounts pro team where win server causes compatibility issues. Below we will discuss in detail about Windows Server and its compatibility.

The company file is on another computer

Case 1

Quickbooks can be as remote as used by users locally as well as in a company. In fact, users can work remotely by logging in simultaneously and they can also work in parallel in locally hosted QuickBooks. However. The problem arises when one user logs in to QuickBooks remotely, while another user wants to use it locally and that leads to errors. Users will get a message that will say that the QuickBooks file is already open in another system and you have to log out at that location first.

Case 2

The QuickBooksDBXX service crashes due to some changes in the registry and no solution is found after scanning the user. Whenever users want to log into the hosted QuickBooks server, the error message pops up saying, ‘This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting’.

Often QuickBooks users complain that the multi-user mode is not working, but in many cases, it has been observed that either the user has not installed QuickBooks as an administrator on a server or enables multi-user mode Has forgotten to do. In some other examples, users have not switched to multi-user mode to work and Intuit provides some guidelines for setting up QuickBooks for multi-user mode. Users face errors such as H101 due to damage in QuickBooks files. H202. H303 and h505

QuickBooks multi-user mode is not working

However, you will be able to resolve errors on the Internet. You will sometimes need the help of experts. In such cases, you need to contact experienced QuickBooks experts who are available 24/7 to assist you. One great thing about taking advantage of QuickBook’s support is that the experts not only provide solutions to your problem but also guide you on how to avoid them in the near future.