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Emirates Hills Top Real Estate Deals

Emirates Hills Top Real Estate Deals

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With the real estate market fluctuating, estate agents or professionals never doubt the fact that Emirates hill will continually be an epitome of luxury, opulence and sophisticated properties. Over the years we’ve seen record-breaking deals in the real estate market especially in Emirates Hills in Dubai.

Here are the Emirates Hills Top Real Estate Deals

Emirates Hills Villa (AED 60 Million)

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The villa is equipped with over five bedrooms built up in the area of 16,106 square feet over an area of 22,236 square feet, and it is sold for AED 60 million. The villa is built in the J sector of the Emirates Hills in Dubai, and it consists of six bedrooms with ample space on the main floor, adequate dining area, office room facing the lake and a well-designed kitchen.

Emirates Hills Villa (AED 45 Million)

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The villa is a luxurious home for those who love the alluring and sophisticated design. It is built up in the area of 21,000 square feet. It is located in the E sector of the Emirates Hills with six bedrooms to meet one's need. The good about the villa is that it is created with some of the most beautiful materials from Europe including quality sanitary ware and kitchen appliances.

Emirates Hills Villa (AED 50 Million)

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The villa is sold for 50 million, and its overall design and structure shows why it expensive aside from the fact that it is located in one of the most attractive and luxurious community. It is built on the plot size of 35,201 square feet and up and area of 22,381 square feet. It can only be found in the P sector of the Emirates Hills. It has six bedrooms that are well furnished, and the villa is very close to the Dubai Marina skyline.

Emirates Hills Villa (AED 95 Million)

It appears as the most expensive and luxurious hosting about ten bedrooms located in the upscale golf community of the emirates hills. The villa was built on 35,645 plots square feet up and area of 22,780 square feet. It is situated in the H sector of the Emirates Hills and complemented with stunning views of the lake and Dubai skyline. It is a perfect home for families that love the luxurious lifestyle.

Emirates Hills Villa (AED 23 Million)

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It is another luxurious villa at section H but not as expensive to the villa above. It is sold for 23 million and was built on an area of 9,500 square feet. The villa features the villa features five bedrooms, and it is complemented with a quality touch of Islamic architectural design and modern style that is adorned with wooden shadings to deal with the desert heat.

Emirates Hills Villa (AED 85 Million)

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The villa is beautifully made crafted and designed to meet the need of those who love the luxurious lifestyle. It is located in the P sector of the Emirates Hills and situated on 27, 000 square feet plot. The villa is located very close to the lake and golf course. It is well furnished with large office, bedrooms that are equipped with full en-suite facilities. It has formal dining areas, German design kitchen, large family room and the overall design is elegant. It has parking space for five cars in the basement area, a gym center, relaxation area and a spa room.

Emirates Hills Villa (68 Million)

The villa is sold for 68 million, and the highlight of the luxury villa included the oversized vaulted ceilings and lighted Onyx décor. The Villa is situated in the p sector of emirates hills, and it is built on 14,475 square feet plot size. The design of the villa was specially selected by top designers from the Fendi furniture to the Gaggenau appliances in the chef kitchen and also to the museum bathroom fixtures. The villa is a perfect smart home with a sophisticated system of digital controlled lighting, excellent sound system and more.

In conclusion, all these are the top real estate deals in emirates hills. One thing is prevalent with all that is listed above, and that is the fact that they are all expensive. However, for those willing to pull some real estate deals in emirates hills, there are still some villas that are cost-effective in the community.


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