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ZAHA lawn Eid collection 2020

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ZAHA lawn Eid collection 2020

ZAHA lawn Eid collection 2020

Zaha by Khadijah Shah is one of the best and classic brands for lawns and formal wear for chic girls and women. Zaha Lawn 2020, inspired by luxurious floral motifs, arabesque paintings, and the bizarre light charm that is essentially Zaha Lawn, is the essence of chic and brightness. You will be spoiled for choice with this wide range of energetic prints that emphasize vibrant hues and elaborate images. With the onset of summer, we have already put together your entire wardrobe for sorting with Zaha.

Who still does not know about the Pakistani famous fashion designer, who completely changed the concept of clothing in Pakistan, she dominated all other fashion designers. She is also the CEO of the famous fashion brand Elan, which is the first choice of Pakistani women, and this brand has reached world heights thanks to the elegance, style, and simplicity that this brand offers and represents. Now she has decided to expand her business and offer her new Zaha collection from Khadija shah. According to her, this new project is very close to her heart, and even the name was invented for some very personal reason. The word Zaha itself comes from Arabic origin and means flowering. This fashion label will be focused primarily on casual wear. She said that in Zaha by Khadija Shah, there are bizarre, vibrant, and funny prints.

Sanaulla believes in providing a delivery process beyond imagination. You can order Zaha from Khadija Shah and many other fashion brands.

Soon there will be a collection of the best lawn dresses 2020

An ode to luxury and grace, this collection features 35 designs with bold, bizarre prints, beautiful bodies, and magnificent embroideries. We take our corporate aesthetic step one step further from the usual sphere of creative expression and offer you designs that excite the heart and soul.

Latest Pakistani Dresses

The latest collection of lawn dresses

So what do you think? Buy the latest Pakistani dresses Zaha Lawn 2020 and improve your look and style this summer season. One thing I want to report here about quality, yes, no need to worry about the quality of the fabric of this brand. Very soft, reliable to wear, and the color of this fabric does not fade.

So this future collection may consist of three-piece dresses in a luxurious style, as I see some dresses from this collection are innovative and with charming prints and embroidery patterns to adore myself. Thus, you will also receive additional patches for the neckline and the bottom of the shirt. And yes, some dresses, including additional motifs, should be placed on trousers. I think the dupatta is made of chiffon with digital prints that look so great, and I hope you enjoy it. Right now, the brand has published several designs from this collection on the official Facebook page, so stay with us as we get all the design images from the brand, which we will post here for you.

Zaha Collection

This collection contains gorgeous dresses made of the highest quality fabric and is very attractive to young girls. If you enjoy wearing beautiful colors and stylish designs, this collection is perfect for you. Some of the dresses are sleeveless that are suitable for young girls. This collection contains embroidered curtains, short shirts, and a printed back and sleeves. At the top, they have innovative work and used superior quality material, and each dress is associated with luxurious design, as well as lightness and comfort with pocket prices.

Zaha prêt collect

This pret collection is made using chiffon fabric, this collection consists of unique designs, this is a collection of tunics, and each tunic in this collection is decorated with elegant and stylish embroidery, the whole is decorated with hand embroidery, and some Kurtis are decorated with 2-needle embroidery. The color combination is simply amazing and very striking. Make your candlelit dinner more romantic and win the heart of your soul mate by wearing a noorma kamal tunic collection. Thanks to what she used in her collection, you became the queen that you always dreamed about. Each outfit in this collection is decorated with high-end embroidery, and they are ready to use.

Khadija Shah’s latest Zaha collection is available online and in stores.

If you are a woman who does not settle for less than perfection and needs a variety of choices, then there is no better place than Zaha, the “big store” where you can buy various options for designer suits for lawns and collections for the whole season, You can get all the collections at very competitive prices since as the largest retailer in Pakistan, we strive to store only the original outfits of their original designers. The new Zaha Eid Collection from Khadija shah can be found on, which you can order in just a few simple steps and get it right on your doorstep. So dress in these beautiful dresses from Khadija shah and make yourself worthy and full of attention.

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