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September 23, 2021

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Are Your Wiper Blades Showing These 3 Tell-tale Signs Of Premature Deterioration?

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Wiper Blades

Are Your Wiper Blades Showing These 3 Tell-tale Signs Of Ageing?

The windshield wipers are pretty much ignored for the most part of the driving. They are noticed only when there is a requirement to keep the windshield clean. When it gets dusty or when it rains only then they are used. But that doesn’t mean they remain functional as they have not been used. The soft rubber on the wiper blades tends to get hardened and crack up with high temperatures, which is most prevalent in the UAE. Prematurely damaged wiper blades result in low visibility leading to compromised safety.

It is better to be on the lookout for signs of wiper blades aging and have it replaced immediately during your car maintenance in the UAE.

3 signs of wiper blade deterioration

Wiper blades streak when they swish

Wiper blades are designed to glide along smoothly over the windshield to evenly remove water content, dust, and debris. When the rubber blades crack up due to severe heat or prolonged unuse they tend to not glide along. This leaves streaks of dust and water mixed together, and the windshield remains dirty causing low visibility. If this happens continuously, it time to replace the wiper blades or even just the rubber.

  • Wiper bounces off your windshield

This issue is due to prolonged unuse of the windshield wipers. The wiper arm itself could be bent, it could be a problem with the wiper motor. Due to which the wipers don’t smoothly glide and move haltingly over the windshield. This requires immediate attention and best to take the car to an authorized maintenance and service facility for a quick replacement.

  • Wiper blades make a screeching, squeaky noise

Wiper blades should be as effective as a squeegee, and quick. But after a few months of use, they get weathered by the sun and dust and grime, making them hard. This is completely undesirable. It gives off screechy noises where the rubber has worn out unevenly. Even the wiper blade assembly play a role in screechy blades. You need to lift the wipers arm up and see if the blades moves fairly easy. If they are too tight or loose, they need to be loosened or tightened accordingly to reduce the noise.

Adding to these issues, wiper blades tend to smear on a dusty wind shield that scratches the windshield and damages its clear view.

In general, windshield wipers are supposed to have a lifespan of 6 months and need to be replaced after that. Consider the timeline for an engine oil change to be the marker to change the wipers. You could only replace the rubber blades or the wiper arm altogether.

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