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October 16, 2021

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Why prefer online platform for CA final?

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Why prefer online platform for CA final?

Studying through the Internet means is called online study. It is a type of distance learning. Students and teachers are connected on the Internet to communicate with each other and distribute educational material. This digital way of studying is very popular.

Teachers, notes, lectures, etc. are delivered to the students through Internet means while sitting at their home. Students access these study materials through an Internet-enabled device.

Techniques such as live chat, group discussion, and video conferencing are resorted to for doubt solutions. That is, a classroom-like atmosphere remains ready. It is different that they interact only virtually.  

How to study online for CA?

Online Test Series for Ca Final can be done sitting at home. Online classes have to be attached for this. Which are hosted by education institutes? Students are tested during class only through some activities and quizzes. That is, students and teachers are connected to each other through the internet from their own place. What are the tools required to study online?

Since I am writing this guide for students about the tools required for online examination.

  Essential Tools to Attend Online CA Classes

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Smartphone or Tablet
  • Internet Connection
  • Video Calling & Conferencing Tools
  • Note Taking Apps
  • Digital Literacy Skills

Now we explain these tools in details

  • Computer or Laptop

This is the tool to engage in online classes. Using this a student is able to connect with his student material and teacher.

  • Smartphone or Tablets

In present time technology has become so fast and advanced that the work which used to be done on the computer earlier. The same thing can be done today through smartphones. Almost all institutes have their own mobile android and ios app. Therefore, you can also engage in online class through a smartphone or tablet. You can access classes by purchasing any type of Smartphone of your choice. And you can also enjoy studying in the living room.

  • Internet Connection

You also have a computer and a smart phone. But, without internet you can do nothing. So it is very important to have an active internet connection. Otherwise, you will be deprived of attending classes. Internet packs present in mobile will also do your work. With which you will be able to access the net in the computer as well. Keep one thing in mind that you have to pay for it. Do not depend on teacher or school/college. Therefore, use the Internet in an economical way. Download only the required videos and graphics. Do not waste internet and time

  • Video Calling & Video Conferencing Tools

These apps allow you to talk face to face with the teacher/trainer. By the way, they do not need much. However, video calling becomes the primary tool for attaching live classes.

  • Digital Literacy Skills

You have gathered all the tools.  Use of computers, smartphones, software and mobile apps should come. This skill is called digital literacy.

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