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Why isn’t an Office Setup Important for a Web Designs Startup?

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When you think of a startup you also think of the ideas for the setup. A quiet environment with workstations and motivational quotes hanging on the wall. A place where you and your team can reflect on the ideas and evolve your startup. It sounds great to have an office setup and the more big the office is the higher your status. But having a setup means investing a costly amount in renting the place and decorating it accordingly.

What if I tell you that your startup doesn’t need an office to evolve? Will you believe me?

Yes, it’s true!

Every startup business doesn’t need an office setup, they need clients and projects to work on and to generate revenue for the company. In the starting three years of the business, you can run your setup without the office, especially when it’s about web design and development.

It is, however, true that having an office makes you credible, professional and accelerate your market growth but it also requires a smart investment. In the realm of web designing, you and your team can work with the comfort of being at home and pitch clients globally on the freelancing sites. Since your customers will also be doing remote working with you so they won’t show any interest to peek into your office.

If you think an office setup is mandatory for your startup, then these two reasons are enough to change your thoughts. Ponder it!

1.    It’s Cost Saving

Why is a startupcalled a startup? 

Because it doesn’t have enough funding and investment to grow its reach. I know a startup who first aimed to build their office setup instead of finding the potential clients. Now after running hard on their finances, they’re regretting the decision of spending a huge amount in their startup. 

Any web design company can work from their homes, talk to their clients on the instant messaging tools like WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger and pretend to have an office. Since customers are concerned about their projects only so they will not bother if you’re providing quality work to them.

If you want a place where you can sit with the team and brainstorm, then there’s no need to buy an office for it. You can use the place at your home or your partners’ place. You can also meet in a cafe lounge to discuss your business.

To sum up, if you’ll spend your money in finding the perfect place to launch your office you’ll go out of an investment if you fail in generating revenue for the business.

On the flip side, if you have the potential clients and a smart amount in your bank account you can think of the setup later as soon as your startup grows. So, the point is to focus on getting the potential clients for your business first and then later think to launch your Dubai web design company.

2. You can Hire Remote Workers

Having an office setup means you’ll need a team who daily checks in and out of your office. A team on which you can rely for your office operations, who you can talk with and grow your business. For this purpose, you’ll need to pool candidates from the same region.

On the contrary, if you’re working remotely you’ll be free to hire remote workers across the world. This is beneficial as you can pool out intelligent and capable remote workers for your company as Google does. 

But having the office as a startup will bound you to hire candidates who can easily commute to the office. Although a remote setup isn’t easy to build, it requires constant communication and meetings with your team but when you get successful in building it, you can save tons of your money. 


A web design startup can easily be managed from home because clients are interested in receiving the best web design for their business. And it doesn’t require to visit the office daily. So, it’s a waste of money and time to build a unique setup for your business because the right clients are more important.

However, there are also some advantages of having an office setup like you can get the space to discuss whenever you want, you can show it off on your website and social media, and you can invite clients to visit you.

But these advantages can be sidelined in a startup, so think if it’s essential to have a setup, what are the advantages and disadvantages and then act wisely. 

I wish you good luck with your startup.

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