September 18, 2021

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Why is PHP the Best Choice For Enterprise Applications development?

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There are millions of developers who use and recommend PHP as the best choice for web designing and development. Whenever it comes to developing a dynamic web solution, PHP comes to the forefront. According to a global survey report, approximately 80% of all the dynamic websites available on the internet use PHP. Here, we will be focusing on the main reasons why it would be a great decision for the product owners to choose PHP for enterprise application development projects.

What is an Enterprise Application?

The business management tool developed to satisfy the specific needs of an organization is known as Enterprise application software. It is entirely an internal solution that line ups with a specific organizational activity. You can develop several enterprise applications like Content Management System (CMS), Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), and several other enterprise-related systems that help in managing the organization’s assets.

In simple words, Enterprise application software comprises content, communication, and collaboration software, CRM software, digital and content creation software, etc.

Benefits of Choosing PHP for Enterprise Application Development

A server-side programming language like PHP can help you develop the dynamic masterpiece for your product idea with ease. Following are the benefits product owners can get by choosing PHP for enterprise application development:


PHP offers you the flexible functions to make changes and is used to create simple apps for large transactional systems.

Easy & Reliable Integration

PHP is popular for the ease and reliable integration of multiple platforms and services. It provides you with massive libraries and so many packages for easy integration with many platforms. 

You can use PHP for enterprise application development on Linux, IBM, and Windows.

Availability of Personnel 

PHP programmers for hire are easily accessible due to their high demand and popularity as compared to others.

Time- Efficient Development

The development code is reusable since PHP is a partially object-oriented programming language. It can help you save time and development costs for your project. The built-in functions of PHP like GET and POST, as well as URLs and HTML, help to save development time.

Accessible with Distant CMS

By using a PHP framework, web developers can perform custom changes for every element of the enterprise application and deliver exactly according to the demands of the project.

Compatible with Scalability

PHP is a totally compatible option for scalable IT development. The code is made with transparency, while extensive transparency is easy to achieve in the documentation. It allows the developer to take less time while understanding the depth and usability of the code.

Brands Built With PHP Framework

In case you don’t believe in facts and professionals, then here are some live and popular examples of web and app development with the use of PHP Frameworks.


Facebook has around 1.5 billion active users across the globe and is an outstanding example of showcasing standout solutions and creativity.


Slack is among the most active communication channels in the IT industry. The team app has a net worth of approx 4 billion dollars with more than 3 million active users per day. It looks a little bit surprising to see that all their back end process executes with PHP. 


MailChimp is well-known as a leading email marketing platform. In 2010, Mailchimp announced that “PHP is the only programming language Mailchimp uses for everything related to the production of the MailChimp application.”


Etsy is one of the ten most famous retail website platforms in the US and has around 54 million verified users and over 19 million buyers across the world. It always tops the list for the biggest e-commerce sites ever built on PHP.


We hope, by now, you have understood how beneficial it will be to choose PHP for enterprise application development projects. PHP is the most reliable platform for developing various enterprise-related solutions like CRM, ERP, etc. This article will help if you are in your planning stage. Moreover, in case you are seeking to build a classic enterprise application with simple and secure architecture and an excellent web core, then PHP frameworks must be on your priority list.

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