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Why is it Important to Make Traditional and Digital Marketing Work Together?

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Description: Traditional and digital marketing do overlap on certain core principles, but largely remain poles apart. In this article, we discuss why it’s necessary to make traditional and digital marketing work together.

Why is it Important to Make Traditional and Digital Marketing Work Together?


Marketing teams are returning back to a new normal. The world has changed more in the last few weeks than it did in years. As individuals, even marketers had to go through a lot during this time. However, together as professionals, marketers have to think beyond their individual self and think about the people they’re trying to reach.

Coming back to work after the COVID crisis, there are new rules in the marketing game. Those who were exclusively invested in either traditional or digital marketing are now being forced to reckon with a new reality.

The value of marketing through both traditional and digital channels is now becoming apparent. Companies that have managed to remain afloat have done so because of their approach to both traditional and digital channels of marketing. In this day and age, it has become crucial to make an enduring impression on the target audience and that is possible only when marketers explore all viable options in front of them.

In this article, we cover why traditional and digital marketing should be made to work together.

Not Giving an Inch to Competitors

When two companies in the same line of work compete, they don’t just compete on sales numbers and profits. They compete on all grounds, from hiring the best people and securing the best possible clients to even capturing all possible marketing channels.

If a company cedes an entire channel of marketing and focuses on another, it is giving its rival permission to dominate an entire channel of marketing. For example, if a brand shifts completely to digital platform, it is essentially allowing its rival to capture all forms of communication and outreach in traditional marketing. Ceding an entire marketing channel is a strategic blunder no marketer should think of making.

Reaching Every Segment of the Target Audience

A company will not find all its target customers in one channel of marketing alone. The world is a big place and people are influenced to make buying decisions through a variety of different channels. Some people may stay online all day but only buy a product when they see its ad on TV or in a newspaper. Marketers have to ensure they make their presence known in the marketing channels available to ensure they have a chance of reaching different segments of the target audience.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discuss why it has become important to strike a balance between traditional and digital marketing. Post COVID, it is important to take advantage of both channels of marketing.

About the Author – Krishan Awasthi is a well-known blogger who has written on a range of subjects such as digital marketing and business analytics. Currently, he works as digital marketing executive at, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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