September 18, 2021

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Why is 360 Product Photography crucial to your business growth?

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Why is 360 Product Photography crucial to your business growth?

A type of photography that incorporates multiple frames of an object and stitches them together into one interactive 360-degree image. These series of still images are photographed in sequence on a specialized 360 photo turntable that rotates on a singular plane.

What’s more, the software provided by the manufacturer controls the turntable and camera.

It is primarily beneficial for consumers as it gives the illusion of the object rotating, this ensures that they get a realistic impression of the object in question and can make informed decisions.

There are multiple benefits of employing this photography technique, the top 5 benefits of it for your online business are –

Improve product display:

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For e-commerce business owners, this holds more than before and you can make the most of it by employing a product photographer.

Usually, customers get static images of the front, back, and side angles of a product. This type of product display does not give the customer a full view of the product they are looking to purchase. While making purchase decisions, any kind of ambiguity may drive customers away.

Give your consumers the best, in-store experience by elevating product display by using interactive 360 photography. This allows them to rotate the product for a full 360-degree view leaving less to assume for the buyer. They can also zoom in for more details such as design, color, and quality.

Increase customer engagement:

Technology impacts spending habits and influences the way consumers make purchase decisions. Instead of them having to scroll through pictures with different angles of a product, optimizing product-rotation allows them to interact with your product. A panoramic product view, for instance, will help them envision themselves wearing or using your product. A great example of a brand utilizing this is Lenskart. They have fully-utilized this technique and increased customer engagement and hence, sales.

Being transparent:

Offer a more accurate representation of your product through professional 360-degree product photography. Just one rotating, zoom-able picture can visually describe your product better than any amount of text. This will not only engage consumers and better your product display, but it will also offer 100% transparency to your consumers about your product and business. It will also lead to an increase in credibility as good quality representation is an effective advocate and invokes trust.

A competitive edge:

Make your products stand out! The actual representation of the product will help build an emotional connection because of the authenticity, with your customers, leading to an increased site conversion. You will notice repeat purchases, a stream of loyal customers, and attract new ones when you invest in your business keeping the customers’ needs in mind. This will boost your overall conversion rates and help you stand out in any market.

Reduce online returns:

By providing your customers with all the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision, you will notice a decline in online returns. As the consumers are prepared in what to expect from the product with 360 product photography, the clarity offered reduces customer dissatisfaction and additional operations costs.

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