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Why install backup software? How to choose it?

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Accidental data loss strains your nerves just as much as it hurts productivity. Therefore, safeguarding is an essential measure to insure against this risk. A disaster, a failing computer system or a hacker can lead to the loss of data and cause considerable financial loss. The software backup designed for large enterprises quickly restore machines, applications, files and databases, significantly reducing the number of backup windows. Certain steps necessary for the restoration are eliminated or combined and an administrative console makes it possible to follow the procedure with ease. In addition, a rapid resumption of activity limits the costs generated by the interruption. Know how to choose a backup solution adapted to the needs of the company several criteria must be taken into account when choosing a backup solution: the backup frequency, which depends on the number of employees and the volume of data backed up; security, the degree of which varies according to the nature and confidentiality of the data; Are you using a 3G key? Ad Backup Pro offers to start the backup when it detects that you are connected to the Internet. The guarantee of an automatic, optimized and secure backup. Optimize your bandwidth and choose the transfer speed! You can determine the transfer speed granted to the backup of your files and adapt it according to the time slots during which your machine is less used.

Managing user profiles on several workstations becomes easy!

Ad Backup Pro V5.0 allows you to define specific user profiles to access certain directories and have control over access rights. This functionality is also necessary in the case of data backups on another workstation accessible via the network.

And also…

Ad Backup Pro also has other notable improvements in block mode (saving only modified parts of a file), handling of UNC paths and warning messages. New options, such as managing the launch of backups when the workstation is running on battery power, make it possible to use the Folio3 livestock record keeping software to all types of activity. It is also possible to plan in detail the launch of backups in a few clicks.

Backup of a complex environment under AS 400

The majority of today’s businesses, whether they are SMEs or larger, work with a large database. Most of them use several operating systems brought together in a secure computer park. But despite the level of security, the data is not immune to damage. The loss of data could lead to heavy financial loss for a company or even the cessation of its activity. Thus, it is judicious to back up your data on online or physical storage servers. Online backup is currently the new solution offered to companies and individuals, but many companies still use local servers such as the System / 400 Application from IBM’s “System i” range.AS 400 is a great way to meet the needs of businesses to safeguard a complex environment. Despite the innovation brought by the online data backup system, physical servers remain an effective tool even if they have been limited since. This type of server is used by more than 200,000 companies around the world. SMEs are most interested in the AS400 because large companies have already switched to even more efficient and necessarily more expensive servers.

Backup with VMware

To minimize data loss and have business continuity, it is important to make regular data backups of backups. With the evolution of technology, there are many techniques to do this, such as VMware backup. But what is VMware backup? VMware is an American company that provides virtual and cloud-based software and services. The company’s products such as VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware GSX Server, and VMware Virtual Center allow users to enjoy a powerful virtual infrastructure. Virtual Center is a tool for managing virtual infrastructure; it corresponds to the control panel on Windows or the system preference on Macintosh. VMware Consolidated Backup is the backup tool for Venter or Virtual Center. It provides the user with the ability to back up jobs and data located on virtual machines. Moreover, this technique has the advantage of being able to make hot backups that is to say without the services provided being unavailable or deteriorated. It even allows you to have a backup of all of all its virtual machines so that all the data is synchronized.

Intuitive backup, in complete confidentiality

Installation in just a few clicks!

No need to restart the system at the end of the installation.

Once this is finished, the software starts automatically and offers to directly create a first backup set.

Backups already configured on a previous version will be instantly retrieved and synchronized on Ad Backup Pro V5.0.

Thus, no action is necessary to continue the backups.

Most of the information at a glance:

Ergonomics revised and corrected for a more intuitive use: The user interface has been completely redesigned in order to improve the handling of the application and to optimize the productivity of the end user. A dashboard that groups together most of the useful information: The dashboard now presents all the essential information to monitor the status of backups, as well as all the tools necessary to have access to the data at any time. Set of saved files. A new transfer window: Clearer and better detailed, the new transfer window is directly integrated into the application and allows you to comfortably monitor the progress of backups. Easily select files to back up: The new file selection tool makes it easier to set up backups. With a single click, it is possible to define the locations to be saved in the file explorer then to establish selection filters according to the type of files (office automation, messaging, video, music, photo, etc.), its name, its size or date modified! The tool now allows you to create and customize smart filters to include in automatic web development company in new Zealand. Restore critical data with just a few clicks and from a simple Internet connection

A new wizard for backing up and restoring files:

The backup sets creation wizard has been completely re-imagined to make the tool more intuitive and efficient.

New options, such as managing the launch of backups when the workstation is running on battery power, make it possible to adapt the use of the software to all types of activity.

It is also possible to plan in detail the launch of backups in a few clicks.

A powerful search engine to find your files:

You can now search for files across all of your Backup Sets. For an advanced search, the selection filter system is available directly from the “Search” function of AdBackup.The results are then automatically classified by backup sets and allow you to select the version of the files to restore directly from this screen.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP (32-64) / Vista (32-64) / 7 (32-64), Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012, 2016)

Memory: 256MB RAM or more

Processor: 1 GHz or better

Internet connection: ADSL, 3G

Display: Monitor with 1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Other: Ad Backup Pro is installed on Windows but can back up any MAC or Linux workstation connected to a network

Specific backup solution for laptops and portable workstations

Laptops very often contain critical and confidential data of real business value. However, their protection is often a headache for several reasons:

Laptops are more vulnerable to theft and environmental factors

These devices are very rare in the office. Backup operations are therefore irregular.

The risks of loss are therefore significant. Thanks to its software and its expertise as an online backup provider, Outdrive is able to offer companies of all sizes centralized and automated management of their laptop PC backup and restore operations.

Main advantages of the Outdrive backup laptop solution:

Centralized management of backup tasks via a web browser: data backup / recovery operations can therefore be managed remotely by a user and / or an IT manager. An advanced “reporting” module which provides great visibility on the progress of operations (backup / restore) thanks to clear and detailed reports. The ease of use and user-friendliness of the agent installed on your laptops

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