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Why Does My Office Chair Keep Sinking?

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We spend a lot of money on our office furniture, especially in our office chair because of long hours sitting. One of the main problems everyone facing in their chair is after using the year around a year; it stops functioning like a brand new one.

Even though they seem brand new and in good form, but they still sink and are not working. So, if you think it’s time to replace the chair or buy a new stop for a while because you can save your money by just following some simple steps to fix your sinking office chair.

Fix The Sinking Issue Of Your Chair

Sinking Issue Of Your Chair 

These are the methods you can use to fix your chair problem.

Oiling And Cleaning You’re For Sinking Fix

First of all, without investing any amount in the purchasing of a new part of the chair, try to clean and oil your chair so you can check if its mechanism starts functioning. You need to clean the cylinder first, and after the cylinder, try to oil the cylinder with the lever because sometimes dust and rust affect the issue in sinking.

Duct Tape And Clamp Method For Chair Sinking Fix

One of the most common techniques you can use to fix your sinking issue is the duct tape and hose clamp method. But the only issue is it won’t fix your chair completely, but it can hold your chair for a couple of days. For this method, the size of the clamp should be around 13/16” to 1-3/4 diameter. You can use duct tape to help the clamp from descending.

PVC Pipe Method To Fix Chair Sinking

For this technique, you will need a PVC pipe. The diameter of the pip should be similar to your cylinder so it can join the seat and wheelbase properly. Get a pipe a bit bigger in height as your cylinder so it can give you the extra height of the chair. Check the below video for a complete guide of how to use a PVC pipe to repair a chair.

Replace the Cylinder To Fix Chair Sinking

Well, if nothing works, then you can change the cylinder of your chair. The replacement of the cylinder is much more easy and simple as you might think. The majority of the chair is built in the same manner so you can replace its part easily like a cylinder to fix the sinking problem.

Jubilee Clip Technique To Fix Chair Sinking

This technique is based on the use of a jubilee clip. You can get this clip easily from any hardware store near you. For this method, you need a long jubilee clip, duct tape, and a screwdriver. Slide the plastic up or down around the cylinder. Before you tighten the clip, make sure the surface of the cylinder is clean and has a perfect firm of grip you can do it by wrapping duct tape around the uppermost visible part of the cylinder. After you are done with it, sit on the chair and test it if the height is fine and working perfectly and not sinking again if the issue is not solved, try again and rearrange the clip placement.


Now you have all the information you need to fix your office chair. All these tips can help you fix the sinking issue of your chair and save your time and money from buying a brand new chair.

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