September 18, 2021

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Why do you need to use shuttering products?

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Shuttering products acts as temporary molds to put the concrete. It is used in different types of building projects. Once the concrete sets and gain the required shape and strength, then needs to remove this shuttering material. This process is called stripping. It is very common to use shuttering materials these days. Mostly these materials are made of timber, plywood, steel, aluminum, plastic etc. This is actually a type of formwork. It supports the construction and acts as molds for the concrete especially for slabs and vertical structure. Today you will get so many shuttering products on rent. It is very cost-effective if you take shuttering materials on rent. There are certain things to consider before choosing the type of shuttering product. It depends on the cost, type of requirements and also depends on the kind of structure.

Different types of shuttering products

Timber as shuttering material

Timber is the most common type of shuttering materials used because it has been used for many years and the workers are really comfortable using this. Timber can be considered as the most economical among other materials. It is the most traditional type of formwork. The main benefit of using timber is that it can be cut into any length and size. It is not a very heavy material, so very easy to handle compared to other metals. In colder countries, it is better to use timber due to its thermal resistance. It is easy to understand timber formwork so you don’t need to use the experts here. You don’t need to buy timber formwork; you can look out at places where you get scaffolding products on rent.

Plywood as shuttering material

If you take plywood as shuttering material the cost will be a bit more than timber. Mostly a different type of plywood called exterior plywood is used as shuttering material. Sometimes plywood will not be able to withhold the weight of concrete. To attain a smooth surface it is generally recommended to use plywood shuttering material. It is light in weight, easy to handle and also can cut into requires sizes and shape.

Steel as shuttering material

Steel as everyone knows is very strong and more durable than timber and plywood. But it is very expensive when compared to the other two. As it is heavy, you need machines or types of equipment to lift it, which can again add to the cost. If you are in the construction field, you should think of using this shuttering material because of its reusability. You can use it multiple times. It offers a smooth surface. The only problem with steel is that it’s prone to corrosion.

The use of shuttering material entirely depends on the cost and the type of projects. If you use a suitable shuttering material, the building will last longer and it will give a smooth and finishing touch. There are so many companies that offer scaffolding materials for rent. You can approach them and they will help you to decide which material to choose for your building project.

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