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Why Did You Choose Avaya?

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I chose to apply to Avaya Aura Core Components Integration Exam after graduation because the company is a leader in the UC and CC industry and offers a promising training program. I was looking for a place to start my career with a stimulating culture, with mentors who wanted to invest time in developing my career, and a place where I could grow and improve my selling skills. Through the interview process, it became clear that this company was a perfect fit for me. The Academy provided a place where you could go from student to professional employee.


Guidance and counseling support

Avaya has provided me with great guides! My boss, Jasmine, is the reason I motivate myself to act every day with killer selling behavior. Matt Simon, a previous Academy graduate, calls each Friday to audit work during the week and give me steps to convey for the following week. Dimitri Patsilivas works with me on customer lead and results-based sales. Allen Ginder keeps on furnishing me with special undertakings that permit me to be inventive and innovative.He challenges me every day to grow by assigning new assignments, projects, and presentations. Without Allen’s guidance, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. Steve Cena isn’t just a great teacher; he’s become a friend. Mike Wise challenges me every day and is available if I have any questions. Alex Thompson is a true friend and always the man to answer any questions. At long last, my kindred Academy individuals have been a consistent wellspring of direction, guidance, and support. Each of us specializes in something unique and as a team, we are more successful. These key players have really helped me develop as an individual.


The first six months of training

The first six months of training were amazing. I was very impressed by the 18 enthusiastic people who joined the academy. We start empowering ourselves with in-flight sales training and interactive sessions and team building activities as we move forward, learning about Avaya’s broad product range. Executives and leaders from across the U.S. invested energy with us clarifying their job, showing us results-based selling, and assisting us with understanding the broadness of Avaya innovation. After growing for months, we moved into a client handling role. In this role, we engage customers and start selling software updates. During the holidays, we ran a marketing campaign to offer Avaya customers free health checks on their phone system.


Engage and CPaaS

I have been selected to attend Avaya Engage, the premier event for future communications technology hosted by the Avaya User Group. My role in the conference was as an ambassador for spaces. We are working in a conference seeking interest in Avaya Spaces in the showroom throughout the week. During the 4-day conference, we attended the Superbowl Party at Arizona Diamondback Stadium and heard Magic Johnson, Jim Chirico, and other great speakers. The Engage program gave us the opportunity to meet our leadership team, witness innovative new technologies, and network, and it was truly an experience that would never be repeated in a lifetime.



Avaya always challenges the Academy to be innovative every day. The Academy organized a competition that was a group project where we took CPaaS (Communication as a Service) and prepared a presentation for our executive team. The goal was to find a problem and make use of CPaaS to find a solution. With the assistance of our CPaaS specialists Tim Gogal, Andrew Serenstis, Austin Gladfelter, and others, we teamed up to make a live demo. Following quite a while of readiness, we submitted ventures to the Vice President of North America, Frank Ciccone, and the administration group.My team has been selected to present our successful project to Avaya CEO Jim Chirico.


Transition to the khan role full-time

In March, COVID-19 arrived in the United States, and our focus shifted to helping the country remain productive and converge in a virtual environment. We’ve reached out to all schools and nonprofits to offer Spaces, a collaborative videoconferencing solution, for free for a three-month trial period. Over the next few months, we are preparing clients, providing training offers, and researching new clients for Avaya Spaces. It has been a great experience to arrive and be able to reassure customers that we have the solution to let them work during this pandemic.

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