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Why Augmented Reality Apps are Important For Your Business?

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Augmented reality apps are the trend that has taken over the mobile app development world giving users a completely new experience by allowing them to visualize elements in a real-time environment. Take Pokemon Go for an example. Its massive success speaks volumes about the augmented reality apps being popular with the masses. The dynamics of how businesses chose to promote their services and offerings through mobile apps shifted after the introduction of AR.

However, how this technology helps companies and marketing strategies is something we still have to consider. For this, let us have a look at the statistics first. According to Statista, in 2016, the installed base of apps with embedded AR stood at 340.8 million worldwide. For 2021 and 2022, the forecast for the number of mobile augmented reality apps globally in the consumer market stands at 3,744.1 Million (Apps with embedded AR) and 1,292 Million (Standalone AR apps). For 2022, it is 4,670.8 Million and 1,389M.

These numbers are enough to determine the fact that the market for AR apps is huge and continues to thrive. So this brings us to seek an in-depth understanding of what AR is how can you develop an augmented reality app for business as well.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information into the user’s environment in real-time, using the phone’s camera. Unlike virtual reality where the entire world is artificial, augmented reality uses the existing real environment and overlays new information on top of it, giving an illusion for it to be a part of reality.

The technology itself isn’t new and existed as far as 1998 when the first commercial applications of AR technology was introduced; the yellow ‘first down’ that began to appear in football games in televisions.

Now, you have augmented reality apps that are revolutionizing the mobile app development game. This is why many businesses big and small are gravitating towards any mobile app development company that has a proven track record of creating apps with AR technology.

If you are also looking to invest in the development of the AR mobile app, then you should know why they are important to have the necessary information at hand.

Augmented Reality App Development: Why?

You need to understand the benefits of the AR mobile app and even website products for your business. There are many benefits, but some of the most prominent ones include:

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  • Brand Image Improves: AR apps provide a unique and interactive experience to the customers. Hence, interacting with your business in a realistic manner using the latest and cutting edge technology, will not only boost their interest and engagement but also build trust with a business that invests in the latest trendy technology.


  • Ability to market your products/services uniquely: Innovation is always accepted, appreciated, and preferred. AR technology gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to the audience in a creative and attractive manner. This leads to higher conversions and increased ROI.


  • Spike in your sales: As mentioned above, AR apps will present your businesses in the most entertaining ways and, in turn, will increase sales as more and more people will be interested in what you have to offer.


  • Add call to actions (CTA): You can include a call to actions to encourage customers to make purchases through AR.


  • Greater authority: One of the best parts about AR mobile apps is that the interactive way you get to display and talk about your services or products remains within the minds of those who viewed it; because of its unique style. So not only you are receiving higher visibility, but you are also generating higher authority of your brand within the market place. Usage of AR for brand promotions places you on a higher level of authority than your competitors. People will remember your brand and products and gravitate more towards the engaging content you produce.


  • Receive reach to a young audience: The young generation that includes Gen Z and Millennials are more in tune with the latest technology trends and are heavy users of apps that incorporate these technologies. So with AR in your apps, you have the chance to tap into the young market that has a buying power of $1trillion.


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There are several great frameworks that are available for AR apps development. We picked the top 5 for you to have basic knowledge about what creates such apps.

Best Frameworks for Developing Augmented Reality Apps

  • Unity3D: You must have heard its name, as it is one of the most popular game development frameworks in the market. Unity enables you to build a functional app without coding anything, and it has an entire solution ready for mobile AR and Cinematic AR.


  • Unreal Engine: Unreal Engine also has been popular for game development and like Unity3D, it also has AR game and experience support as well.


  • iOS ARKit: As the name suggests, iOS ARKit is Apple’s very own in-house framework that is built for developing and deploying AR apps on iOS devices. Apple acquired an AR company by the name ‘Mario’ as well. ARKit uses the iPhone’s camera to create visual AR experiences.


  • ARCore: Unlike iOS ARKit only available for iOS devices, ARCore is made by Google and you can use it for cross-platform development. It has an extensive selection of APIs.


  • Vuforia: If you are looking for an industrial and enterprise AR app then Vuforia will work for you, as it is a popular SDK for developing such applications. Its API is available for development in C++, Java, and Objective C++. Some of the popular apps that were created using Vuforia are StarWars, Rabenity 2.0, and more.


  • Wikitude: This framework includes the most extensive AR development kits that come with cloud integration and an in-house studio for development. This framework was the first to make use of the location-based approach for app development and took the award for the best development tool in 2017.


  • EasyAR: A cross-platform development tool that includes Planar Image tracking, 3D Object Tracking with cloud integration for shared experiences.

Summing Up

Augmented Reality apps are the perfect solution to extend your services in a unique and empowering way, which not only yields greater revenue in terms of conversion but also gives your business an edge over all other competitors in placing efforts, time, money into the latest technology.

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