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Wholesale Steel Desk Legs Manufacturers

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Steel Desk Legs Manufacturers


wholesale steel desk legs manufacturers refined surfaces and contours that meet the aesthetic requirements of furniture are design criteria. The intricate linking of form and function is made possible by excellent, bespoke precision and profile steel tubes. Individual requirements are met by the symbiosis of comfort and design, from high-quality surfaces and tight tolerances to chromium-plated tubes with uniform reflection characteristics. The high aesthetic requirements are met by perfect surface smoothness in addition to high dimensional and geometric accuracy.

Maxave’s desk legs are stable enough to effortlessly support tabletops. Custom metal table legs from our extensive selection are the ideal finishing touch for a variety of surface furniture.

The capabilities, design, and efficiency of a tabletop are significantly influenced by the Maxave wholesale steel desk legs manufacturers. They are also made useful and adaptable to a variety of uses without losing their design.

The premium qualities of our selection of sofa legs, such as level desk legs and durability, make them ideal for both convenience and aesthetics. Dings and scrapes from regular use won’t harm the metal desk legs we offer. In addition, Maxave’s desk legs have a one-of-a-kind paint finish that prevents corrosion and provides a smooth surface without sacrificing quality.

We have thousands of completed furniture hardware kits and decades of industry expertise, so you can rely on us to fulfil your requirements for wholesale metal desk legs. We can meet the needs of your industry thanks to decades of industry experience and thousands of finished furniture hardware kits. Our primary objective is to offer high-quality goods at reasonable prices and promptly ship them.


When it comes to choosing an office or business furniture, every little thing counts, so choosing the right manufacturer is crucial. Let’s say you want to furnish your office with tables: What you need is a piece of furniture that stands out because of your style. Choosing the right metal legs for your table is also important.

What does this have to offer?

As a business-to-business company, our main customers are businesses that need to furnish their premises or other businesses in the furniture industry. We offer our best products to all of them based on our knowledge and experience over the past 30 years working in the metalwork industry. On our premises, we create ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish furniture that fits your style and improves your productivity.

We produce metal components for all types of smart tables, including those with four legs, slide, swivel, and bench bases and their components. However, that’s not all. Coat hangers, foot rings, and columns are examples of complements that we have researched and developed. Furthermore, our metal table legs are our pride.

Think “Clever”

Everyone is aware that sitting for an extended period is bad for our health, but working in an office frequently entails spending a significant amount of time at a desk. Our team of skilled designers came up with a novel concept based on this image: Clever. Our automated metal table legs are called clever because they are made to give you the most comfort possible at work. It can be used in any situation and work environment because it is useful and functional.

It has metal legs that can be adjusted in height, and its automated system can remember up to four different positions and display them on a stylish and convenient display. Ask your manufacturer for information about our metal table legs and think “clever.”

What is the purpose of a small smart table?

Through digital lessons, educational games, and interactive learning activities, the SMART Table is intended to foster collaboration, discussion, and consensus-building as an interactive learning centre.

Small Smart Table is a collaborative learning centre

that helps young students grow socially and academically together. Small Smart Table collaborative learning centre encourages centre-based learning and active collaboration by combining learning and play.

By participating in activities and working together to achieve learning objectives, young students develop problem-solving skills. Small groups can collaborate face-to-face on the SMART Table to complete activities involving consensus-building and problem-solving on a single interactive surface.

Irresistible small-group learning The SMART Table facilitates active discussions, problem-solving, and small-group collaboration activities for students with additional learning needs and early childhood/primary learners. Its sturdy pedestal base makes wheelchair access simple, making it ideal for active classrooms.

Engaging activities Teachers can personalize over a thousand pre-made activity packs with the SMART Table Toolkit. Alternatively, you can access the SMART Exchange website directly from the SMART Table to find interactive activities that support learning objectives and extend lessons beyond whole-class experiences. Lessons created using the included SMART NotebookTM collaborative learning software can also be imported, including those created in 3D.

Share your SMART Table content on an interactive SMART Board display with the help of SMART sync classroom Management software (included), and you’ll move from small-group learning to whole-class instruction. This is part of a comprehensive solution for the early years – the primary solution. You can also capture and display video by connecting your SMART Document Camera. Additionally, as with all SMART products, the SMART Table is supported by a variety of training and support resources.

Key features

The SMART Table supports up to 40 simultaneous touches, allowing eight students to collaborate on lessons simultaneously. Key features Simultaneous multitouch capability Additionally, it allows you to rotate, toss, and zoom with ease.

Extensive content and resources

Over 1,500 ready-made activity packs are included in the SMART Table’s extensive content and resources. These packs can be downloaded for free from the SMART Exchange website, which can be accessed directly from the SMART Table. Creating and improving SMART Table activities is made simple by the SMART Table Toolkit. Lessons created for your SMART Board can also be imported into SMART Table, allowing you to incorporate those lessons as well.

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