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What Weather Apps Work Best With Google Home?

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You must have checked a lot of cool stuffs on Google Home and Nest but what I like most is the Weather report when I am travelling away from home or coming back to home after a long and tiresome work. I hope you all know who owns Nest, it’s not a question to be answered here.

What if I tell you that you can literally do a lot of other cool stuffs on Google Home and Nest if you know What to ask! Asking Google about the weather condition and getting reply is awesome. But at the same, if you would know that you can get further more information just by asking the right question. Isn’t it wonderful?

All the Google Home speakers and Display devices use “The Weather Report” as the default app for providing weather information. You can get a lot of more information on air quality, sunrise and sunset times, tidal wave conditions, river levels and many more. But you must know what to ask Google?

How to get all the information on Google Home and Nest?

So, let me tell you the ways by which you can get more than what standard weather report you are getting now. But there are times when you need to check the weather report of the place where you live. So, Google Home must know your home address and location as without it how could it tell you the weather report of yours place or locality.

So, first of all, make sure to have your address updated correctly to Google Home.

Open the Google Home App and then click on Settings. Now see that whether Home address is correct or not under General heading.

If you see the wrong address, then click on Address and then click on remove address. Confirm to remove the address when Google asks for confirmation.

Now, go to General and then click on settings. Click on the Set Address button and then fill the Street Address with the correct one.

You must be thinking that what’s the use of providing the street address if you already have provided the country. Sometimes, providing just country name is not enough to get the weather report of the place you live in.

The weather on Northern and Southern part of America is different most of the times. Sometimes, you would be needing the report in Fahrenheit however, Google would be providing you report in Celsius. In this case, you need to change the weather units in settings.

For changing the weather units, Open the Google Home App and go to Settings. Scroll down to More setting and Tap on it. Now, keep scrolling, you would find the Weather: preferred weather unit option, Tap and choose Celsius or Fahrenheit.

For those who wants to know about installing Nest thermostat must check out blogs by Jason Swagger on Howtl.

Most Appropriate weather report App

The default App for Weather report on Google Assistant is Weather .com, which may not give you the perfect weather report and other reports. So, going for other Apps like AccuWeather, The Weather Network and Ambient weather could be the best to get all the other relatd information about weather.

Other Weather Apps that might work with Google Home

  • Weather Hippie – Provides alerts on Weather Information
  • Flying Weather- Provides Weather reports on Aviation
  • Weather Girl- Provides weather data based on street address
  • NOAA- Report based on data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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