September 18, 2021

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What is the difference between Remedial massage and Swedish massage?

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Swedish and remedial massage


Massage is mostly referred to the rubbing and pressing but the reality is contradicting to this. There is much more than just rubbing and pressing. There are numerous types of massage which must be chosen according to the needs and requirements. Here is a question that is often asked, whether all the messages are same or different? We are going to answer this question with reference to the difference in Swedish and remedial massage.

Every message has its own importance and specialty, here we are going to discuss the difference between these two massage styles and will provide you the tips so that you can choose your therapist carefully next time

What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is the most common style of massage. People often take the two terms massage and Swedish massage as a synonym. This is because this massage is known as classical massage and is famous for its typical strokes of relaxing the stiffed muscular group. This massage is gentle and soft as compared to the remedial massage and is mostly referred to those who are seeking stress or body pain relief. This massage helps you in healing the pain which is caused by daily activities and the stiffness of muscles. This is ideal for the ones who have a kind of job in which they are sitting or standing in a similar position for so long.

What is a remedial massage?

Remedial massage is referred to those who are having specific pains or muscular tension. Mostly the conditions like carpal tunnel, stiffed neck, headaches, sports injuries are dealt with this message. Particular tests are performed to identify whether you need this massager not and then your therapist helps you in coming out of such conditions by applying his expertise in this field. Treatment through this massage involves the deep tissues but are worth it to be done because it works like a magic.

This massage helps the individuals by healing their injuries and releasing the contracted group of muscles. This increase the blood flow in the body and reduces the inflammation and swelling in the parts of the body which are injured or affected.

What is done in Swedish massage?

When Swedish massage is done, your therapist would perform a particular pattern of kneading and long strokes. Deep circular movements are performed to relax the muscles that are causing pain. The techniques used in this massage are basically meant to create the stimulation in the nervous system so that the flow of the blood in the body could be increased.

What is done remedial massage?

This massage is done with critical care because a large group of injured tissues are under treatment and can cause a great injury if not dealt with care. Proper consultancy is required before beginning this type of massage. The pressure that your body can bear must be communicated well to the therapist clearly and this may undergo a variation because different parts of body can bear different level pressure. For getting benefited from the remedial massage you might also check out that can remedial massage fix sciatica?

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