September 18, 2021

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What Is The Basic Guide For Writing A Narrative Essay?

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Are you assigned for writing a narrative essay in your high school or college? Keep in mind; it is a great chance to improve your narrating skills. For most students composing a narrative essay is such fun. In this post, we will talk about “how to write my essay to get good grades in college.

Basic Guide For Writing A Narrative Essay


  1. Pick a proper topic

It is the initial move toward composing a narrative paper. From the start, you should have a good topic to expound on. Pick your topic so that you can change over it into a story of yours.

  1. Pick your story

Subsequent to picking a topic, you need to pick a good, interesting story. The story should be identified with the theme or topic you pick.

  1. Do the proper research whenever required

Composing a narrative essay needn’t bother with much research. It is due to the reason as it is identified with your own personal experiences. In any case, a few themes are there which requires essay help online research to add additional data to the content.

  1. Write the draft

Presently diagram the plot before you start. Make a list of the relative incidents systematically so you won’t miss any point during composing. This will empower you to know where the story begins, its primary episodes and where does it end.

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  1. Depict significant characters

While writing a narrative essay, you should portray all the significant characters. Depict them about what they look like, what they wear, age, stature and furthermore notice some intriguing realities about them.

  1. Discover the opponent of the story

It is essential to discover the enemy of the story and the contention. Without this, it will be exhausting.

  1. Portray the scene

You additionally need to describe the scene in detail. It is significant as by this you can cause readers to envision the scene appropriately.

  1. Write events sequentially

It is critical to write all the events in a sequential way. If not done as such, your story won’t bode well. So what happened first should be written first.

  1. Modify your essay

Subsequent to making the main draft of your narrative essay for your college:

  • Revise it.
  • Check whether the theme/subject, title, and story are connected.
  • Proceed with proofreading and editing.


  1. Make the final error-free draft

Now make the final draft of your narrative essay.

Turn on your creative mind and begin making a splendid piece sticking to the above-mentioned recommendations.

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