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What Is Rice Syrup And How Do You Use It ?

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Rice Syrup

ShafiGlucoChem produces a wide variety of rice syrups all made enzymatically by our patented process from 100% whole rice. As rice is a carbohydrate, therefore the starch present in it is first exposed to enzymes that break down the starch into simpler sugars. It is filtered and evaporated to the desired consistency. As an end result, we have three types of sugar in which are Maltotriose, Maltose and Glucose. Maltotriose has 3 glucose molecules while Maltose has two; therefore the end product is basically all made of glucose.

Rice syrup is a sweetener and a substitute for artificial sweeteners and mainly for refined sugar. It is often included as a sweetening ingredient in many baked products, desserts and processed foods. It can also be stirred into tea or coffee.


The main purpose to use rice syrup is to cut down artificial fructose from one’s diet. Natural fructose which is found in fruits is healthy, but artificial fructose which is a part of refined sugar or ‘most’ artificial sweeteners has many adverse effects to health like obesity and diabetes type 2 if taken more than the recommended usage. Therefore, rice syrup is a fructose-free sweetener and can be used as a healthier option to avoid such destructive effects on health.

Rice Syrup is 100% vegan and gluten free; therefore it makes a good option as a sweetener for vegans who may avoid using refined sugar as sugar is mostly refined using bone char of animals. The good thing is that it does not taste too sweet and this helps with portion control while using it in baking and other foods.


However, its sweetness is different and has a slightly nutty flavor to it. It is an efficient source of energy because it is converted into glucose by the time it reaches intestines. It also helps with blood sugar control and weight management As rice syrup suppliers, we make 100% organic rice syrups from white rice, brown rice, or certified organic rice. Depending on your application, you may choose from “traditional brown” or “clarified syrups” in D.E. ranging from 26 to 70. Our approach of producing rice syrup in USA is very safe and the processes take place in a very secure environment. Our method is absolutely free from any sort of chemical fertilizer and pesticides and the process is brought about in a careful and observant

supervision. Our rice syrups are safe for people of all age group and do not contain any synthetic agents. Clarified Rice Syrup: Our clarified rice syrup is produced from rice and undergoes a process of mechanical filtration in order to remove suspended fats. This process yields an opaque syrup with a buttery flavor. It is meant to be used by the consumers who have an inescapable urge to eat sweet, are prone to weight gain but don’t want to add extra pounds. This is a naturally healthy yet organic food supplement.

Rich in Flavor

Rich in flavor 100% fructose free 100% organic Brown Rice Syrup: Brown rice syrup is made of 100% brown rice. It undergoes the same fermentation process, however is lightly filtered to produce clear amber syrup with a low flavor profile. Slightly flavored 100% fructose free 100% organic Clarified Brown Rice Syrup: Further filtration after the production of brown rice syrup produces transparent but golden colored syrup with a lower flavor profile. It is less flavored than brown rice syrup. Very slightly flavored 100% fructose free 100% organic

Organic Rice Syrup Organically grown white or brown rice undergo the process of fermentation just like brown rice syrup over the same clarity and D.E. ranges as non-certified Syrups. Perfect for sweetening tea or coffee Very light color 100% fructose free 100% Organic

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