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What is an SEO package?

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SEO Packages are all the things that an SEO company can do for your business in order to grow its rankings.

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any digital company as correct optimization can help higher rankings and as a result, more traffic and sales.

There are many companies that can offer you this: a website audit, optimized content, link building, and so on. However, you should be extra careful when choosing what team to go with. An unrealistic SEO package will sound great on paper, but be completely unrealizable in real life.

In this article, I’ll discuss what you can expect from a basic SEO package.

Here Are The Things That An SEO Package MUST Include For Your Business


Like I said earlier, there’s a lot of companies out there that offer unrealistic things like a guaranteed Top 1 spot for a keyword, tons of traffic within a month or so, and so on.

A basic SEO package shouldn’t be complicated but guarantee you simple and clear goals.

Whilst there are certain things an SEO package should offer:

Keyword and Competitor Research

This includes things like keyword and competition research. Keywords are always an essential component of an SEO campaign, no matter the niche you’re in.  A basic SEO package will get you around 5-10 keywords that an agency will target. 

Next is the competition of course. Consultants will work to analyze what your main competitors are doing in terms of SEO and what you can do to overtake them in rankings.

Make sure that the package is clear about how many keywords your website will be expanded upon and what type of competition analysis tools will be implemented with it.

Copywriting and Content Creation

Content is king. It’s as simple as that in the world of SEO. No matter what you do, your website can’t really market itself successfully without providing quality content to people.

Improving the content of a website requires skill and experience, which is why only an experienced team can complete the job in the best way possible.

Some parts of your site might need to be rewritten, unified, or erased completely. A consultant’s job is to diagnose any problems with your website’s content and develop a strategy for improving it in the long run.

The main goal is to get your site’s copies to not only appeal to readers but give Google’s robots a clear understanding of what your posts are exactly. So keyword placement has to be on point as well.

Since content is the most important aspect – make sure that content creation is ensured for your website.


SEO audit of your site is the first major SEO job that needs to be done in order to give a full diagnosis of your website. Starting optimization right away is useless and might even hurt your website if you don’t know what you’re dealing with in the first place.

An SEO consultant will work in evaluating your website’s on-page and off-page components to see if its technical state is sufficient enough to rank highly and other improvement efforts can be put to make a website more successful later on.


Links and Citations


Link-building is a time-tested SEO strategy that still works awesomely to this day and contributes to rank growth. A link from a highly reputable site will be a signal to Google that your website is worth attention to and will help you get a more positive ranking.

The company’s job will be to analyze your link profile, your competitor’s links, and getting backlinks to your site from reputable online sources.


All in All


I’ve discussed which components make up a basic SEO package. All of these factors contribute to your rankings and should make up a basic package of a company.

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