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What Is A Kraft Box And How Does It Help Businesses?

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Kraft Box

Kraft boxes are a great way to package your products and show them off. Kraft boxes provide product protection, branding opportunities, and customization capabilities for any business in the modern world. It is a popular type of packaging because they offer consumers a sleek, professional look. They also provide functionality for brands. Kraft boxes can be custom-made to fit your brand and products perfectly.


But what is a Kraft box? What does it do? And how can you use one for your own company or brand? These questions will be answered in this post.


What is Kraft Paper Packaging?

Kraft paper packaging is a type of brown Kraft paper that is typically made from recycled fibers. These materials are then turned into rolls, sheets and boxes depending on the customer’s specifications for their custom kraft boxes.


Kraft paper is a material made of 100% recycled paper. It is coated with a thin layer of highly durable and water-resistant Kraft pulp. Kraft boxes are made from this kind of paper because it provides an affordable, sustainable option for packaging products that can be customized to your needs.


The benefits of using this kind of material for products include increased visibility due to its bright color; greater strength than standard printing options because it can be stronger and thicker with more texture; resists moisture better than other types of cardboard or corrugated board, which helps keep food safe during transport and storage.


How Does Kraft Paper Help Businesses?

There are many benefits to using Kraft boxes as the main form of product packaging:


Packaging Protection

In order to protect your goods while in transit, you need strong materials like thick cardboard on top or around the outside edges. Kraft box boards will tightly hold together everything without any slipping inside, which means no spills or leaks.


Brand Identity

It also helps establish your company’s brand identity. It is a lot more cost-effective to create custom Kraft boxes than it would be for you to go through the process of designing and printing different packaging needs every time they change their product line. It means that no matter what your business does, if there are products involved in any way, shape or form, then kraft box paper can help.


Paper Portability 

Kraft pulp has been known as “the world’s lightest solid” because its low density allows it to have great portability while also being sturdy enough so that after multiple uses, it will not show wear and tear too quickly.


Low Cost 

The low price point isn’t just about the raw material costs but also the fact that it doesn’t need to be custom-made. It also means you can get a lot of packaging for the same price as one more specialized option, making this an economically feasible choice for any company.


Easy on the Environment 

Kraft paper is recyclable and much easier to deal with in comparison to other materials like metal or plastic when recycling efforts are taken into consideration. In addition, scientists have found kraft pulp to produce less CO² than many types of plants used in traditional pulping methods, which leads us back to our original point. Kraft boxes make sense because they’re great for business.


What Are the Types of Kraft Packaging?

Kraft packaging is a type of paperboard that has been made to look like cardboard and can be custom cut by the mill. The great thing about Kraft packaging is its ability to be used in close quarters, making this an ideal choice for when you need something as simple as boxes but don’t have room for large, bulky items.


There are several types of Kraft papers, such as:


White Kraft Paper: This is the most basic and is used in a variety of ways. The white paper can be custom cut to fit your needs, making it great for retailers with small spaces.


Brown Kraft Paper: This type of packaging has been made from recycled content which makes them great when you want an eco-friendly option that is still durable enough to last through shipping or storage



Clear Kraft Papers: These are perfect if you are looking for something sleek and modern. It is also waterproof, so they make a good choice for those who need items that will stay clean even while being stored outside during wet months.


Unbleached Kraft Paper VS Bleached Kraft Paper


Unbleached Kraft Paper: This style of packaging is mainly used by small businesses that want a natural look to their products. It is also often chosen because it can work just as well, if not better than bleached papers, to protect the contents within.


Bleached Kraft Paper: These are perfect for those who are looking for something more colorful and unique. Choose from different colors, like red or blue, in order to make your company stand out among competitors.


Which Kraft Paper is Best for Custom Boxes?

Choosing the right Kraft paper for custom boxes is important in order to keep your product safe. You will want something that is durable and

easy to work with, so we recommend brown Kraft boxes.


Finding the perfect Kraft packaging can be a tricky task when there are different types of materials out there. However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because Impressionville has everything from brown to clear color options at affordable prices.


In Conclusion

In the end, it is your choice as to what kind of Kraft paper you want for the job. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what color suits your company best.


If a customer is visiting your store, it can be hard not knowing which product they might buy if there are many similar items in one place. In order to make this less stressful, try using custom Kraft boxes that will help customers easily identify their desired item from afar.

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