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What Are Some Of The Commonly Faced Refrigerator Problems?

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Refrigerator Problems

A refrigerator is a complicated machine and also the hardest working home appliance that operates round the clock in order to keep your food fresh. Because of the rigorous use and wear and tear, your refrigerator may develop some issues such as cooling problem, broken drain plate, defrost problem, door closing problem, faulty wiring, sparking from socket, drain blockage, etc. that may need refrigerator repair service and you might have to call LG Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad. Here are some of the commonly faced problems with the refrigerator.

Fridge’s Temperature is not Cold enough.

The defrost thermostat should be replaced if the contacts have been frosted. Before that, you need to unplug your fridge and try cleaning the condenser coils using a condenser coil brush or vacuum. If that does not work, call in an expert.


Ice Maker is not working.

The ice maker motor module may have jammed up and might need to be replaced. Another likely cause could be a clogged water inlet valve. Check for any kinks or tears. Before that, remember to shut the valve off from the household water supply, or you will have a flooding situation to deal with as well.

Check to see if the screen or filter is plugged with debris. There can also be a problem with the ice-making mechanism. Most modern fridges utilize heat to release the cubes, and there is a series of electrical tests to diagnose this problem. If you are not able to differentiate between the water valve and filter, call a pro.


The refrigerator is not working.

The electronic control board might be damaged from a power surge, open circuits, or worn-out relays, and might need a replacement.

The refrigerator is making Strange Noises.

If the electronic control board is damaged, it might need to be replaced. Call up Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad to get your refrigerator repaired and serviced for a reasonable fee.

Refrigerator is not Dispensing Water or Ice.

Are you changing the water filter regularly? Over time, the water filter in the fridge will collect and store the debris and contaminants it is designed to filter out. So first and foremost thing to do is to change the filter regularly. In most of the newer fridges, there is a sensor inside the door that indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned. The water valve, which is at the back of the freezer, may also need to be replaced if it is clogged with minerals and fails to open or close properly.

Defective Fridge MCB

If your fridge does not start, it is recommended to check the MCB (miniature circuit breaker). A problem with MCB can be one of the main causes of refrigerator breakdown. In such a case, call a refrigerator repair servicemen.


Insufficient Current

One of the main reasons behind the refrigerator not working is due to insufficient current or voltage supply to the unit. Check the current and voltage of the outlet by using a multimeter and voltage tester device.

Refrigerator Problems


Faulty Motor

A defective motor is the main reason for the refrigerator not to work. In many cases, the fridge unit will shut down immediately or will not start at all if the motor happens to be defective. Generally, motors have to be replaced when they get broken. In such a case, call a refrigerator repair professional.


Faulty Thermostat

A bad thermostat is the main reason for the refrigerator not to work. A defective thermostat will not be able to transmit the start signal to start the capacitor, and the fridge does not turn on. In such a situation, you should call an expert refrigerator repair.

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