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Western hats-The options are endless! Which one fits you the most?

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If there is a decisive masculine accessory, it is the hat. Its greatest attraction is that it has no middle ground. Confidence is essential to meet the challenge. Otherwise, he will dominate you and there will be no style guide to save you from suspense. 

The hat is an accessory for those who have enough personality to carry it decisively. It does not mean that those who do not usually wear it do not have it. Those who make the hat a part of themselves make it their signature. Besides marking your personality and defining your style, it will allow you to unleash your stylistic creativity if you know how to take advantage of it.

Different types of western hats

Let us guide you through a brief description of different types of Western hats. Only then will you be able to know which one suit you best.

The fedora

The American writer Gay Talese is still a great example that this hat is the ideal complement to a suit despite the fact that its wide brim can be excessive for small men. Thanks to the Indiana Jones character and music stars like Michael Jackson, the fedora hat showed all its versatility.

The Panama

It should be explained that this hat owes its name to a technique and a material, not to a specific shape because they can be varied. It is an ideal hat for the warm season that is so reminiscent of its tropical origin. It is a great dance partner for fluid fabrics in summer.

The trilby

Possibly the most versatile in terms of materials and styles, the trilby hat still manages to hold the ground. It is mainly because it is the hat most associated with urban life. Sean Connery popularized it in the 1960 thanks to the character of James Bond.

The bowler hat

A round-shaped hat mostly trusted by lovers of wearing formal suits. It is a British symbol par excellence, sponsored by the great Charles Chaplin. Do you remember Humpty and dumpty? Yes, many classic Hollywood characters used to wear this hat. 

The cowboy

These western hats are ideal for fulfilling the most practical function in summer, covering the head, face and neck from the sun’s rays, thanks to its wide brims and large dimensions. You can find various types of cowboy hats online at affordable prices. We suggest buying the perfect hat that matches your personality.  

The angler’s hat

Hats in general are associated with winter, but we must not forget some fabrics that are fantastic for summer, especially if you like plans linked to the sea and nature. The classic angler hat or “bucket” type is a perfect option for this type of look, generally a pointless informal than those linked to the cap are. It is essential that the wearer is the one who shows personality and conviction.

Those unpleasant days when you sleep too much and your hair is like a bird’s nest. The first solution is detangling and combing. The second solution is to let it down for a while and make a bun on top of your head. If you still cannot hold your locks, have you ever thought about disguising them with a western hat?

Thin face                                                            

It is important to make your face a little fuller. For this, the ideal are round, short-brimmed hats. Therefore, they do not add too much volume to your head and create a balance of silhouettes.

Square face

To prevent your forehead from appearing wider, wear hats and beanies with little volume and a straight brim. It should fit comfortably on your head. Tight models bring a lot of attention to the face. Straight, wide brims relax the angular contours of your face.

Rounded face

You need models that visually break the shape of your face. Berets and fedoras are classic models and make your face visually slimmer.

Oval face

This is the ideal face for any type of hat – large, small, wavy, or extra-large flaps. Choose the one that caught your attention the most and have fun putting together your look.

Heart-shaped face

The hat you can wear without mistake is the voluminous and loose one. This shape usually has more pronounced cheekbones, a broad forehead and a pointed chin. Tighter models give the impression of widening your forehead even further.

Elongated Face 

The most suitable for elongated faces are hats with low or medium cups. High or very high cups would further elongate the face. It is also worth giving a slight slant to harmonize and make the look more casual and stripped.

Triangular Face 

A wider forehead and a thinner chin characterize this type of face. It is ideal to wear hats with smaller brims and cups, as they must match the proportions of the face. Hats with a wide brim are not indicated as they increase the emphasis on the forehead region. 

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