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Web Designer: Who He Is And What He Does

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Who is the Web Designer? What does he do? And what skills should he possess? The Web Designer designs and creates websites and e-commerce. But what does it mean specifically? And what are the responsibilities of the Web Designer?

We get to know this web professional better, always struggling with strategies, codes, graphics, colors and contents.

Who is the Web Designer?

The Web Designer deals with the design and implementation of the structure and the graphic aspect of the website, its technical functioning and the way in which the website manages to involve users and be usable.

The task of the Web Designer is to interpret the business needs of customers and make sure that the tool he provides them – the website, the portal, the application or the e-commerce – can effectively meet these objectives.

To do this, the Web Designer must:

  • get to know your customer-brand in depth;
  • analyze the sector and the target audience;
  • design and plan websites that are attractive and empathetic;
  • design and create websites that are usable, easily navigable and functional;
  • create responsive websites, i.e. also suitable for mobile devices;
  • organize the contents so that they are easy to understand and use;
  • create graphics that are both impactful and functional to the objective of the brand and the customer

What does the Web Designer do?

The main tasks of a Web Designer are two:

  • design and implement the visual communication of the website, in line with company objectives, with the identity of the brand and with the identity of the reference target;
  • create the individual pages of the website with the aim of making it usable, pleasant browsing and naturally favoring the action that the user must perform. This is why it is increasingly important for a Web Designer to also be a UX, User Experience expert.

More specifically, the Web Designer:

  • designs, creates and maintains websites, e-commerce, portals and web applications;
  • manages hosting and domain of the website and, once the job is done, publishes it online;
  • plans the architecture of the website;
  • develop the layout of the site, or the design;
  • carries out its work respecting the principles of accessibility and usability and guaranteeing users a pleasant, easy, useful and exciting browsing experience;
  • HTML and CSS coding;
  • uploads and manages the contents of the web pages, in agreement with the Content Manager and Copywriter.

The skills of the Web Designer

The Web Designer can be a freelance or he can work within a web agency or even a company.

To become a Web Designer, you must have these skills:

  • development of accessible and usable websites like Weboost 472154. It is increasingly important that a Web Designer is also a User Experience (UX) expert;
  • knowledge of programming and web design languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • knowledge and use of CMS, Content Management, System, such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento;
  • graphic knowledge and use of professional graphic editors, such as Photoshop and Illustrator;
  • analytical understanding of market research, sector reports and marketing and communication plans.

Among the skills required of a Web Designer:

  • analytical ability;
  • good aesthetic sense;
  • problem solving and ability to work in a team;
  • precision and punctuality;
  • reliability and compliance with objectives and deadlines.

Web Designer: the conclusion

The Web Designer is one of the most requested web professions today. Companies, organizations, the training institutes themselves and society as a whole has definitely set off towards an intense digitization process that requires competent, experienced figures capable of directing brands and people in the right direction.

In such an evolutionary and competitive context, what do you think is the talent or competence that can really make a difference for a Web Designer?

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