September 18, 2021

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Web Design Trends That You Can Follow For Great UX

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Web Design Trends

Web design trends keep changing. And the changes take place to make the website more user-friendly. If you keenly look at the changes and up gradations of the search engines through time and year on year, you would notice one prominent thing. It’s the constant endeavor of the search engines to give users friendlier results and predictable environment, which shows up in all of their advancements in the display of search results.

And similarly, the websites are also adapting to this style of the user experience. That is why the term UX, which is the short form of User Experience, has got so much popular in the world of web design. UX based website designs are popular these days, which are focused on giving the users the best possible experience with the use, exploration, and operation of the website.

That’s why, according to this style, the trend for web designing also keeps on changing. Here are some of the changes that are the latest ones. Designers do get a lot of orders to make changes on existing websites, and when new sites are being developed, then also these ideas are implemented. It’s all about giving your viewers some new experience, and a different feel than the common one.

Fresh animations with every site reload

This is a nice concept and an interesting and intriguing one. If you have a landing page with some video clip that tells about your brand or product, and you make the page such that the video clip keeps on refreshing and replaced by a new one, then it would be engaging for the viewers. Viewers love to see something new each time the page loads, hence an animation which keeps on replaced by a new one on the same landing page gives the eyes some fresh treat each time. This is interesting, engaging, and noteworthy. Hence, you are bound to grab good attention through this.


There I always one way the site scrolls, and that is up and down ways. How about a nontraditional way to scroll the site which goes sideways? If you plan this, you would be able to engage many viewers. Most would be taken aback by this change in the common trend and may like it.

People love gradients

Gradients add colors and style to any graphical interface. That’s why if you add some interesting gradients to the site, it may look quite nice and different from the rest. Such design ideas are simple, and yet they engage the eyes well. Therefore you must try this and see the difference in feel.

Diagonal line separation

Separation of content inside a page is generally done through vertical, horizontal, or grid lines. But diagonal lines are seldom used. However, UX design researchers have found out an interesting concept that the diagonal lines help eyes to bring the focus on to the up or downward objects on the page, such that call to action words and buttons gets viewed easily. Besides a diagonal line separation looks nonconventional and trendy. Hence you may try this.

Animation which plays on scrolling

Animation or slides which are played on scrolling get much attention. If you employ something like this on the site, it’s bound to get some good attention. This mesmerizes users, gives them some nice visual to play with and engages user attention very captivatingly.

Flashing and color changing the background

This may look childish to you initially, but the idea clicks a lot. Just imagine colors flashing at the background and the background changing hue with each flash. It would look very captivating to the eyes. Users would love to look on the site for some time just like children get mesmerized on color changing lights. It’s a nice trick to bind eyes on to the site for some time, which is enough to bring eyes to your content too.

3-D designs

3-D designs appeal much more than 2-D ones. Flat designs are everywhere. But when the design gets the depth, they look very interesting and eye-catching. That is what you must try to use on your site too. It won’t look like a kid’s toon site. It would look creative and nice.

Extra-large visuals through the landing page

Visuals are much more stimulating than texts. This is a universal rule. Following this rule, if you rely on bigger extra-large visuals, animations, etc. on the site and smaller clips of text under that, then the eyes would get stuck first on the visual, get captivated, and then would follow the text. This is a good way to grab attention.

Use of abstract shapes

Try and use abstract shapes and lines on the site. They can be used as a visual balloon, a comment balloon, a border to something, etc. Abstract shapes and queer styles of intrigued eyes.

Make a difference with footers

Let the entire focus come to the footer of the page. If the website footer looks tremendously detailed, colorful, full of nice gradient or chunky text, then it’s going to grab attention for giving a different look and feel to the site. This unique style surely would help you set the trend.

Try these trends

These are some excellent ways to add some zing to the site and stylize things beyond the convention. You can attract viewer attention, grab eyes to get them to the content, make people stay more time on the page, and therefore get your content being read and viewed. Altogether these trends in web design are being used these days, and before they get too used and old, try one of them and see the difference you bring in to the site. Talk to your digital marketing firm, and get their advice on this, as they have the best knowledge to suggest the right trend.


You can stylize the site and grab great attention, which would help you boost your site conversion rates and overall success in e-commerce. Try this now and talk to the best web design experts.

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