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Vinyl Flooring and its features

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Designing your home can be challenging and innovating as well. It is vital that you choose the design as well as raw material of the things and objects you use to build a home. Choosing windows, doors, tables, lighting is all what we think of. We often miss the very important part of our house- Flooring.

Flooring is an important aspect that brings together the entire look of your home and changes the look of your overall space. Choosing the right flooring should also provide you with the right functionality. There are various types of flooring you can choose from-


One of the most famous flooring is Luxury Vinyl Flooring-           

The vinyl sheet is glued to the floor. This type of flooring usually comes in plank form rather than traditional  square-shaped tiles. Vinyl sheets that come with peel and stick backings that give the appearance of expensive flooring. Vinyl Planks is also a type of flooring which has an added feature of a cushion layer beneath to help walk comfortably. The expensive and realistic flooring look can be maintained within a relatively cheap cost.

Realistic designs can be also printed as flooring graphics, along with the texture that feels like wood or stone. The thickness of the vinyl floors are thicker than ordinary tiles.

Your home is your biggest investment, Naturally, you would want the best materials for the project. Nothing is more heartbreaking and unfortunate than repairing your dream house just after you have shifted. It is important to be on budget along with investing in quality. The affordable and durable nature of the flooring is one of the reasons for its increasing demand.

The cost-efficient feature of vinyl planks compared to the hardwood rates allows you to bring beauty to your home with a fraction of the budget. The vinyl planks can be easily installed cutting down the cost of hiring the installation experts if needed. These planks come in a huge variety of texture, color, size, style you can choose from. Customization of design and specifications are also available easily. Regular mopping of the floor surface to remove the dirt, debris is sufficient to maintain the floor.


There are other types of flooring available for you to choose from-

  1. Ceramic Plates: One of the top picks for washrooms and kitchens due to its moisture resistant feature. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns. Glazed, Quarry, Terracotta, Porcelain are few types of ceramic tiles that differ in look, texture, durability.
  1. Engineering Wood: A hardwood look alike tile found at a lower cost. With the thick base layer of plywood and real wood on top gives the exact appearance of hardwood.
  2. Laminate:   An identical cheaper look famous in the market and is also a popular client demand is the Laminate flooring which is made from plywood or compressed fibre, with a thin veneer to seal it. More resistant to scratches formed while walking on the floor.


You can call flooring service to provide a wide variety of options to choose your flooring.

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