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Unmerge Yahoo Mail From AT&T

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Unmerge Yahoo Mail From AT&T

AT&T provides an email account that allows users to communicate with AT&T, but can also be used to send personal emails and to collaborate with other email accounts.

AT&T’s most popular feature was the ability to merge your Yahoo and AT&T email accounts. This allows you to access all of your emails from one place. This allows you to share passwords. However, some users found this feature confusing. Here are the details of the merger and how to separate your Yahoo from AT&T.

The Association of At&t And Yahoo

Yahoo and AT&T merged to allow their users to have a single account that allows them to use both AT&T as well as Yahoo simultaneously. The following features are available to a merged account:

  1. Enter the Yahoo email address to sign in to your AT&T Account.
  2. Use the same information to sign into both your AT&T and Yahoo accounts.
  3. Both accounts can be logged into using the same password.
  4. It’s easy to access both accounts from one place.
  5. You can reset your AT&T account password by clicking here.
  6. You will be directed to AT&T’s webpage if you try to log in to Yahoo Mail.

These features were available while Yahoo and AT&T were in association, but they have now decided to separate their services. Sources say that Yahoo and AT&T weren’t thrilled about their union, and were using ‘MY AT&T Page_’ and My Yahoo Page’ separately. A few users were taking advantage of the combined benefits from ‘MY AT&T Yahoo Page’.

This was due to the fact the association was new to users. Some users experienced confusion and problems using email services after the association.

Yahoo’s merger with AT&T also made it difficult for users to experience the new interface. Yahoo even received the AT&T logo, features, log in facilities, and logo.

This caused confusion among users, causing them to wonder when they can return to using Yahoo! and AT&T as usual and reap the benefits of each.

In Few Easy Steps, Unmerge Yahoo Account From At&t

The internet was in chaos as Yahoo and AT&T announced their merger. Users were worried that they would have to deal with difficulties again to get things back on track. They were happy that both email services, i.e. AT&T will offer enhanced security features through Yahoo.

The partition raised many questions, and users are now wondering if they will be unable to access their accounts or what will become of their AT&T and Yahoo emails.

Follow these steps to de-merge or seperate your Yahoo email account with AT&T.

  1. Use a browser to open Google Search Engine and search for AT&T’s official website.
  2. To sign in to AT&T, click on the official link. Next, use your username and password to log into your AT&T account.
  3. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll be able to access the /’Profile section under the /’MY AT’ section. You can find this section in the top navigation bar.
  4. Then, under AT&T Email Accounts’, search for the Account Profile’ option. Click on it.
  5. Navigate to the “User Information” tab. Select the “Delete Account” option.
  6. After some time you will get a confirmation message of “Delete Email”; click ‘OK’ to confirm unmerge.
  7. Open the Yahoo Sign-in Page and enter your login details. To use Yahoo individually, click the Unmerge option at the bottom-right corner.

This was how to separate your Yahoo account and AT&T so you can use them separately. I hope this information helps you to clarify your doubts. You can also sign up for an AT&T new email account or a Yahoo mail account.


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