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Types Of Digital Marketing And Their Benefits

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Digital Marketing And Their Benefits

At the beginning of 2020, you might be wondering where you can begin in digital marketing. Additionally, the question of which one is best always looms around in the mind of many people. Even though it may seem complicated, once you step away from the excruciating details and look at them from above, it can help you understand the base concept of digital marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The act of promoting a service or commodity using digital technology or electronic devices is digital marketing. However, digital marketing is more than just a fancy word thrown around in the marketing circles. It is more than just utilizing technology to one’s benefit. Which is why it is imperative to understand the many types of digital marketing.

One of the common misconception going around these days is that only content and social media marketing are digital marketing’s elements. That is not entirely wrong, but social media and content marketing are only two aspects of digital marketing and it spreads far further than that. Nevertheless, let us dive right into the most important types of digital marketing today.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) commonly deals with promoting commodities and services with enhancing a brand’s name in the search engines. This type of digital marketing mostly helps with driving paid traffic towards a company website. For example, it demands an specific amount in order to highlight a name or logo in search engine results. This includes sidebar advertisements as well as top suggestions.

Another example of SEM is PPC or Pay-Per-Click. This method requires a company to pay the search engine every time the garner a click. Google’s main platform for this is Google AdWords and Bing has Bing Ads. The primary benefit of SEM is providing a large amount of exposure because of the nature of search engines.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is perhaps the leading and most sought-out type of digital marketing in the world today. The main purpose of content is to educate and draw or attract audience towards a service or commodity through quality content. Content marketing is widely regarded as the king of marketing because of how well it combines other digital marketing aspects together like SEO and Social Media.

Content marketing deals with creation of appealing text, which draws reader and helps them learn something new about a specific topic or topics. It includes blog posts, tweets and websites that include SEO friendly or promotional content. The main benefit it provides is the adaptability.According to Wikipedia Page Writing Service, creating relevant type of content according to a niche is better than a TV advertisement. This notion is based on the stats of how well content marketing yields results.


Search Engine Optimization deals with providing vast exposure to a company’s website or content in general. Unlike SEM, SEO is not a paid service unless you hire professionals for it. SEO’s main purpose is to find the right keywords and make the content appear in the Search Engine Page Results (SERP).

However, the area, which SEO covers, is wider than just catchy keywords.It includes link as well as the type of content that stands out in the competition. Additionally On-Page and Off-Page SEO are necessary to understand. Off-Page SEO deals with how you promote your content or your name outside of your website or blog. Whereas On-Page SEO deals with the tactics that you utilize in your own circle.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is more or less the type of contentcreation, which deals with trendy topics. For example, a sports event would give birth to many types of trends. Like merchandise which includes T-shirts and footwear.

This type of marketing exploits the on-going trends in order to gain an audience and then serve them the regular products. It utilizes websites, social media and many types of mobile applications to help gain traction in the digital world. One can say that in recent times viral marketing is the most beneficial type of marketing if used properly.

Affiliate Marketing

Another famous type of marketing which provides unique options when it comes to promotion. Stats prove that this has more benefits than demerits. In fact, one could say that there are no demerits to it if strategized right. Additionally, it does not only help garner different type of audience but one can also gain valuable acquaintances in the online market.

One of the aspect of affiliate marketing is sharing content from other authors and vice versa. Moreover, it also includes writing content then endorsing the second party’s product at the end, through which you earn a viable amount of commission.

Social Media Marketing

One can almost feel the aura of this type of marketing by just the name. Considering the number of people who use social media around the world, this type of marketing provides a plethora of options and benefits.

However, social media marketing requires creating content that is not just appealing, but interactive as well. Mainly because user-interaction is one of the primary purposes of social media marketing. Therefore, it is imperative to create content according to the audience and watch the benefits unfold.


Above-mentioned are some of the most famous and most beneficial types of digital marketing. They do not only help garner a wide amount of audience, but they can cater to one the luxury of proper online recognition. If utilized right, all of these digital marketing aspects provide a myriad of benefits.

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