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Top 7 places to buy discount rugs online

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Shopping for discount rugs online is a tough job. No doubt it’s quite overwhelming to find the right store. But, today, most of the world-renowned stores are dealing online. However, when it comes to buying a rug online, there are certainly important considerations. For this reason, you need to know the right size, material for carpet, and colors. It’s not easy to find a discount rug online that fits your lifestyle.

Budget is one of the main aspects of buying anything, including rugs. No doubt, the world of rugs is virtually endless. You have a variety of options in terms of colors and designs. Rugs are too expensive. For buying a piece that matches your needs and style, try to look for some discount rugs online.

No question at all, you have a lot of options for rug buying. But, finding the best one is quite hectic. For this reason, look for online sources with proper categories such as rugs by type, rugs by style, rugs by color, etc.

You can also select natural or synthetic rugs. However, for buying discount rugs online, you have to make some big decisions. If you are looking for some online retailers, check them briefly.

Of course, you can have an idea by customer reviews and as well as by their SSL verification. Read the terms of condition, shipment, and payment policy. Most often, online rug stores are flooded with area rugs. But, given below are the rug stores where you can find affordable rugs easily.

1- Rug Gallery

Rug gallery is selling a huge collection of discount rugs online at affordable prices. Rug gallery is located at Festival Lane, Dublin, Columbus Ohio USA. From this platform, you can buy contemporary rugs, traditional rugs, and transitional rugs with several colors, sizes, and designs. It is the best online platform for rugs.

2- Wayfair

This prominent online home retailer provides a plethora of floor coverings, which comes as no surprise. The options here seem limitless, with a huge range of rug designs, styles, and materials available at all price points. Although most of the rugs are machine-woven from synthetic materials, Wayfair also caters to high-end rug buyers.

Keep in mind that if a rug comes from a weaving house that has been verified to fulfill the norms of fair pay and working conditions, it will be individually identified. Check the specifications for each rug you’re considering if this is a crucial consideration for you when purchasing a carpet.

3- World Market

The world market deals with cultural and modern rugs. This is an excellent place to buy the rugs at a discount. These rugs add a unique feature to your home. You can buy both online and in stores. Moreover, you can also select a rug with different pile heights and materials.

Furthermore, they have a variety of colors and sizes as well. Keep in mind this is the best spot for buying flatweave rugs. Of course, you can buy affordable jute or kilims easily. 

4- Macy’s

This is one of the shops that deal with home improvement products. It mainly deals with rugs and furniture. Perhaps, you can find the most affordable choices over here. However, most of the rugs are machine-made and can deal with heavy traffic easily. 

Along with rigid materials, they also have luxurious options such as wool and silk. Keep in mind Macy also has high-quality oriental and Persian rugs. Though these rugs are a bit costly even on sale, this is the thing that you are going to cherish over a long time.


Perhaps, you have heard this name at least once a day. This is one of the ideal spots to buy discount rugs online. At this shop, you can get a significant bang out of your buck. They have an ample variety. 

From handmade to program, you can get anyone. You can find them all here if you are looking for some sheepskin, cowhide or oriental rugs. At IKEA, most carpets are from Bangladesh and India. Skilled persons in safe surroundings design these rugs. 

They have a vast collection of natural rugs such as wool. Don’t worry about the quality. These retailers deal in rugs that can handle heavy wear and tear. These rugs are mainly to deal with busy areas. 

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6- Home Depot

At home depot, you can get indoor and outdoor discount rugs online. They have an affordable yet unique collection of rugs. Home depot is known around the world for its most durable rugs. All of the products are cost-friendly as well as sturdy. These rugs need minor upkeep.

Moreover, the rugs they offer have a long life. Of course, they are made of synthetic material, but they are soft underfoot. In other words, they provide enough cushioning. You can also have some premium rugs such as wool. However, as you move towards the higher end, you have to pay more. 

7- Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to buy rugs online. In Fact, they have a wide range of carpets. You can purchase rugs of any style or size. While it’s a complete mix-up of rugs in terms of size, designs, and quality. But, they have a wide range of deals as well. From here, you can buy mats of any brand, including safavieh.

However, not only brands but also have a good range of patterns such as geometric and bold. These rugs are usually designed with a loom that is remarkable. However, most of the rugs are machine-made as well as less costly. These rugs are constructed using nylon or polyester. You can also get hand-tufted rugs designed using jute, cotton or silk as well.


One of the best aspects of buying discount rugs online like contemporary rugs is free shipping. Moreover, you have plenty of options as well a return policy is also worthwhile. Now, you can easily save your wallet. However, this mainly depends on the store from where you are buying the rug. Undoubtedly a rug transforms your house into a palace.

 Last but not least, no matter where you are buying a rug online, never forget to buy the rug pads. Rug pads save the carpet from extra wear and tear.

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