September 18, 2021

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Top 5 EMR Software for Urgent Care

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Why Do I Need an EMR Software for My Urgent Care Practice? 

If you are a doctor or nurse that deals with urgent care, then you probably realize the importance of each minute on call. Managing a practice can be difficult a task to do when the nature of your work requires immediate attention. Investing in an EMR software for urgent care will not only streamline workflows but will also improve clinical, financial, and operational efficiencies. 


If you are clueless regarding which system to opt for, then we have got you covered! Here’s a review of the top urgent care EMR softwares, so you decide for yourself which is a perfect fit for your practice. 


Athenahealth EMR 


  • The athenaOne mobile app features an intuitive interface that can easily be logged into through touch and face ID. It provides a quick overview of doctors’ daily schedules, patient messages, and access to medical records. Urgent tasks can be completed quickly on-the-go. 
  • Appointments can be scheduled seamlessly through the intelligent EMR software. In addition to this, automated reminders can be sent to patients before consultations, so they don’t get late. 
  • Athenahealth efficiently manages patient claims. In fact, it has a 93% first-pass resolution rate. Errors are resolved before claim submission, and a timely follow-up is maintained so that doctors are paid for their services every time. 



The starting price of Athenahealth EMR is $140 per month per provider. A one-on-one meeting can be organized by filling a short form on its website. 


AdvancedMD EMR 


  • AdvancedMD EMR features an innovative dashboard that shows users a prioritized task list so that they complete all important assignments first. Information can be searched and accessed instantly with only a few clicks. Additionally, users are alerted in case of urgent issues that require immediate attention. 
  • Note and sub-note templates are offered for multiple specialties. These templates can also be customized as per a practice’s unique workflows and preferences. 
  • The most valuable marketing tool in today’s day and age is positive word-of-mouth. AdvancedMD automatically sends surveys, via email and text, to patients after appointments. If an experience is positive, patients are invited to post the same on your Google profile. If not, then the negative review is privately shown on your dashboard. 



AdvancedMD does not solely offer its EMR service to providers. The EMR and practice management tools are available at the cost of $729 per month per practitioner.


eClinicalWorks EMR


  • Why employ an assistant when you have Eva? The latter is eClinicalWorks virtual assistant that makes the lives of urgent care doctors more manageable. Eva can be used to access medical records, review progress notes, and search educational content, among others. 
  • The Messenger tool provides customized campaigns to reach patients of different conditions. This feature can be used to send appointment reminders, administrative notifications, and whatever else doctors find important. 
  • The Kiosk app reduces waiting time by enabling patients to sign check-in and consent forms before appointments, update insurance information, and fill any questionnaires. 


Free conversion is offered for those practices who want to switch to eClinicalWorks. The starting price for the EMR is $449 per month per provider. 


DrChrono EMR


  • DrChrono EHR enables doctors to draw and write notes on diagnostic images. This is crucial for better record keeping and can be shown to patients to understand their illnesses better. 
  • Another feature offered is that of medical speech-to-text, which converts words spoken into text that appears on the interface. This tool is specialty-specific and adapts to one’s accent. 
  • OnPatient is a feature provided to patients so that they can schedule appointments at a time convenient to them. 



4 different price plans are offered, the details of which can be seen on the company’s website.


Kareo Clinical EMR 


  • The e-prescribing tool allows doctors to share prescriptions with multiple pharmacies across the country. 
  • Kareo Clinical allows its users to message anyone, from their team to patients. Since the messaging tool is HIPAA compliant, there is no risk of losing information to security breaches. 
  • Templates designed specifically for urgent care are provided to practitioners. The same can be customized as required. 



Kareo Clinical is priced at $160 per month per provider. A demo can be requested through the company’s website. 

Which is the Best EMR Software for Urgent Care

The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. The best EMR software for urgent care is one that fulfills your expectations and requirements from it. Compare your requirement list with the offerings of the systems discussed above to make a decision you will never regret.

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