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Top 2 Facebook spy apps

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Top 3 Facebook Spy Apps

Social media is on the rise and since the mobile devices have evolved to the next level people are desperately using instant messaging apps and websites on their handsets. The rise and the rise of social messaging apps and websites have made people obsessed and they used to spend most of the time on their cellphone screen using social media platforms no time ever before. When we discuss social media platforms there is no other famous social digital platform than Facebook these days. From a school going kid to an adult person everybody obsessed with the social messaging app and website.

From a layman to business executives love to spend time on Facebook for a variety of reasons. People use it for communicational purposes, to stay connected to friends and family and lastly to use it to connect with the people online. However, there are plenty of people who are looking forward to spying on FB for a variety of reasons such as for digital parenting and as well as for employee monitoring.

Why do people want to have Facebook Spy Software?

There are plenty of reasons that people desperately want to track Facebook such as parents and employers. Parents always looking for ways to know what kids and teens are doing on the instant messaging app all day long on their mobile devices. Furthermore, they want to protect teens from online predators. Furthermore, employees are desperate to spy on their employee’s company’s owned devices in working hours to do surveillance social media activities, particularly on FB.

It enables employees to waste working hours in chats, messaging and further allow them to share a company’s secrets via an instant messaging app. Therefore we have decided to come up with the top 3 Facebook spy apps for you. Let’s discuss in the following in a sequence.


TheOneSpy It is an all-time best cell phone surveillance app. it is worthy enough to set parental control on kids and teens devices. It empowers parents to see the logs of social media activities to the fullest in a variety of ways. I mean you can see the social media activities on teen’s mobile in real-time or you can upload the logs of Facebook activities to the online control panel that you can see them later. Moreover, employers can also make a major difference to keep a check on their employees to prevent goldbricking activities on FB and further enable you to know whether employees are just wasting time in chatting, texting, multimedia sharing, audio-video calls and voice messaging. You can get the reports with a complete time stamp.

Live screen recording

You can use TheOneSpy exclusive feature screen recorder software. It empowers you to record short back to back videos of the screen at the time when FB is activated on the screen. Further, it will upload the video to a web portal where you can see the activities.

IM’s logs

You can get the logs of Facebook activities such as text messages, chats conversations, audio-video call logs, multimedia logs, and voice messages logs.

TheOneSpy is fully compatible with all Android cellphones and tablets that empower you to monitor social media platforms including Facebook. Now you can set parental control on kids and monitor your employee’s activities on FB.


OgyMogy mobile tracking software has made its way to the next level and over the years it has come up with exclusive features. However, when it comes to digital parenting and employee monitoring it has won all the grounds. It is compatible with all android devices. It has a user –friendly interface, reasonable packages, and also offers plenty of sale discounts and offers on every occasion or festival. You just need t install it on the target cellphone device active with Facebook. Some following features enable you to track Facebook

Keystrokes logging

You can use a keylogger tool on the target mobile device and further record and captures all the keystrokes applied to the target device active with the Facebook social media app. Users can get password keystrokes, messages, and messenger keystrokes. Use it and get access to your target FB account and dig out all the keystrokes applied on the target device.


Now you can remotely capture screenshots and schedule surveillance on Facebook and it will capture a series of screenshots and keeps updated about FB activities.


The above mentioned are two best Facebook spy apps because logically they are the best mobile tracking apps that are capable of spying on social messaging apps to the fullest.

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