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Title What Is Homeopathy And How It Can Help You

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Homeopathy is one of the admired and effective methods to cure every type of disease. The origins of homeopathy can be found back from the late 18th century which was introduced by a german physician Samuel Hahnemann. Many people believe in the concept of homeopathy and many of them don’t as they think that it doesn’t have any scientific proving that can assure you about the precautions of homeopathy.

Homeopaths believe that a substance causing symptoms of disease in healthy people can cure similar symptoms in sick people. They believe that the body itself has the ability to cure the symptoms as per the passage of time and changes in the body. In that era the introduction of allopathy was irrelevant therefore people relatively believed on the consciences of homeopathy as they were affection and had no-side effects. As all the scientific knowledge of chemistry, physics and biology was introduced in the 19th century the proving of homeopathy were considered irrelevant.

Concept of Homeopathy

Hahnemann rejected the concept of mainstream medicine as inadvisable and irrational as it was ineffective and often harmful. In his theories he advocated that the use of a single drug at lower doses can cure the disease. He was sceptical of Cullen’s theory that malaria was cured with cinchona as it was bitter. He ingested some bark to investigate what would happen further after which he experienced shivering, fever and joint pain as symptoms that were similar to malaria. This made him believe that all effective drugs produce symptoms in a healthy individual similar to the disease that they treat.

After he began to test what effects different substances produce on an individual and later named it homeopathic provings. The tests were subjected to ingesting substances and recording all the symptoms under the ancillary conditions in which they appeared. He then recorded all the symptoms and changes that occured in the body and diagnosed it with small doses of drugs. Later on homeopathic treatment for autism was also focused.


Why Homeopathy and How it Helps You ?

In the 19th century, homeopathy achieved its greatest popularity. Many schools and colleges of homeopathy were introduced in that era. People were eager to learn homeopathy and treat symptoms with natural and synthetic substances obtained from plants, animals and minerals. Here is how it helps you and saves you from harmful and toxic medicine.

  1. It is Safe

The medicines are totally safe to use. They are sweet in taste and are ingested without water. Due to its harmless characteristics it is considered to be one of the safest medicines. It doesn’t harm the immune system and makes it even stronger that helps you get a healthy and wealthy living. They don’t cause any structural damage to the body.

  1. It has no Side-effects

Another reason that it is more convenient and helpful is that it has no side-effects. The medicines are gentle, non-toxic and even non-addictive. You will not experience any change in the body except the changes in your symptoms. You will feel good and healthy within seven days once you start taking the homeopathic pills.

  1. It is Natural

Homeopathic medication relies on natural principles and natural substances extracted from plants, minerals and animals. A proper consultation of fifteen to sixty seconds is done before starting the treatment in which all the medical history, likes and dislikes everything is verified properly for an accurate treatment.

  1. It is Less in Dosage

As compared to allopathy and ayurveda, homeopathy has lesser dosage. Only three to six small white pills are to be taken twice or thrice in a day. As they have a sweet taste and nice smell, you can easily take it without any tantrums. The medicine comes in different forms that can be liquid, pills and tablets provided to you according to the disease.

  1. It has no Restrictions 

There are no restrictions regarding eating and going out for travel. It is not mandatory to do a timely workout and follow any diet chart when you are treating yourself with homeopathy. You just need to take the pills on time. If you accidentally skip one dosage then you don’t need to worry about it, but avoid skipping it and try to take the medicines on time.

Preparations of Homeopathic Medicines

Apart from the natural substances, homeopathic medicines use some dilutions that are liquids poured above the pills and mixed well to make the right medicines. A solution that is more dilute is described to be having a higher potency that aims to be deeper-acting and stronger. There are different logarithmic dilution scales which are in regular use in homeopathy. The dilutions are poured in water, on the pills and sometimes on the powdered form of medicine. It is let to evaporate for sometime and then it is packed in an airtight bottle.

Remember one thing that while taking the medicine you don’t have to take it on your hands or the dilution will evaporate. Take it in the cap of the bottle or take in the spoon and then eat. After taking out the pills from the bottle, close it properly to save the liquid from evaporating. Store it at a cool and dry place out of the reach of sunlight to keep it safe. You can homeopathic consultation online from homeopathicservice.

Favourable for All Types of Diseases

Whether you are going through depression, you have allergies, issues of migraine or acne, homeopathy can cure everything. Homeopathy for air borne disease, homeopathy for skin disorders and homeopathy for autism everything is well consulted and then treated further. It is not limited to minor diseases; rather it also has the ability to cure major diseases but when they are at the prior stage.

If you are suffering from life threatening diseases then you should opt for conventional medicines that quickly affect the body in just a few hours. Homeopathy has higher demands when it comes to minor diseases. Always take precautions at the early stage so that you won’t suffer at the last stage.


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