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The Ultimate Guide To Starting An Online Custom T-Shirt Business

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Custom T-Shirt Business

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle, an additional source of income, or fully transitioning to becoming an entrepreneur, one feasible startup business to delve into is an online custom t-shirt business. It’s a great way to make money while exercising your creativity through t-shirt designs and prints. However, like opening a new venture, there are specific steps to successfully launch an online t-shirt business.  

It’s vital to know the reason behind why you choose to open a t-shirt business. Your ‘why’ will guide you through your business goals and growth. After you’ve considered your purpose, you can proceed to dissect the details and must-dos for building your online store.  

You can refer to this guide as you start your online custom t-shirt business:  

Custom T-Shirt Business


Decide On Your Market Niche  

The apparel industry is vast and expansive. It could be impossible to cater to all ages, genders, ethnicities, and demographics. The best way to join this market is to narrow your t-shirt business into your chosen niche. This way, you can better target your audience, stand out in the competition, and acquire healthy market shares.   

One determinant for choosing your niche is to evaluate your t-shirt designs and observe to whom they will be most ideal and appealing. For instance, if you’re printing witty texts and slogans, you’re probably marketing it to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Zs, respectively. If you print out modern characters, famous brands, and current public figures, you should sell these shirts to the youth. Another choice for you is to create a smaller niche if you feel like that specific target group comes with less competition.   


Consider Drop Shipping Business Model  

Buying pre-made t-shirts or drop shipping may be more appealing if you’re not ready to dive into producing your shirts from scratch. Fortunately, hundreds of Sydney t shirt service are available online today for your t-shirt business in Australia. But do note that you should emphasize your marketing tactics more if your custom t-shirt designs are also being sold elsewhere.   

Drop shipping or partnering with third-party t-shirt printers saves you time and money in printing your t-shirt designs. You can skip the production part of your business operations and depend on your providers’ reliable and high-quality t-shirt printing services.   

To ensure your designs are the right size and resolution, you’ll need specs from your printer before you start designing. It’s crucial that you should communicate with your customers and your vendors to avoid misunderstandings and errors in production. Remember that you should prioritize customer satisfaction to grow your business more.


Create Attractive T-shirt Designs  

Since you’re selling custom t-shirts online, you should look for unique themes and creative designs. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try what designs best relate to your target customers. There is no guarantee that potential customers will love your design just because you do. Therefore, you should be customer-centric and learn more about your target audience.   

Before making your T-shirt, do your research so you won’t waste money on failed designs. One crucial step is to study your target audience’s fashion taste. Be mindful of social trends and explore the fashion evolution on social media platforms. It would help to follow other t-shirt sellers to grasp how they deal with the trends and changes. Other than the design, also give importance to the fit, fabric, color, and weight of your shirts.   

Never compromise on quality. Because after purchasing a T-shirt from you, a customer might not return to you if the shirt shrinks dramatically or fades after one wash. No matter how good you market your brand, if your quality is poor, this will only pull your business down. Find a balance between getting great quality shirts and setting the price right, so everyone wins in this equation.


Market Proactively  

As a final step, you should consider where your product will be sold and marketed. When you have your niche, eventually, you’ll be able to decide where to sell them online. However, you should devise the right digital marketing strategies to acquire sales and expand your market reach online.    

Don’t shy away from holding surveys and doing market research. It will allow you to decide which online selling platforms to use and spot where your target market is usually. Apply tips on being successful on Instagram, Facebook, and other large-scale social networking sites.   



There are many things to consider and go through to start an online T-shirt business. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with that. By referring to this guide, you’ll understand that it’s essential to select a niche, consider implementing the drop shipping business model, and create unique t-shirt designs while prioritizing quality. Thus, if you decide to use print-on-demand services, you can sell T-shirts online as a startup without spending any money upfront.   

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