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The Role of PrognoCIS EMR in Tackling COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge toll on healthcare. One way that practices have coped is with the use of EMR. Although EMR has been around longer than the pandemic, it has changed and adapted as needs have changed.

PrognoCIS EMR is one such software that has been keeping up with trends in the last two years. This has allowed the software to examine the relationship between EMR and the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how the software has adjusted to changing landscapes and helped practices in this challenging time.

How EMR Can Help In COVID-19

Electronic medical record software, or EMR, is used in healthcare to modernize the patient chart. The software also allows practices to improve the services they provide and enhance their patient engagement. EMR has been around for a long time, but something shifted in since 2019 in the world of healthcare technology.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, EMR has had to learn to improve and cope with changing expectations. One major way that this has happened is through the use of telemedicine. This has completely transformed the experience of a traditional visit to the doctor. Instead, the software allows practices to provide care to patients in a safe and remote way.

The pandemic has been instrumental in jump-starting a change in EMR. This proved to be a mechanism to push forward medical innovation when it comes to EMR software.

About PrognoCIS EMR

PrognoCIS EMR is a software created by Bizmatics in the earlys 2000s. The purpose of this software is to provide innovative solutions to all kinds of health facilities. This includes indpendent practice, mid-level facilities, and hospital systems. The suite of software includes an EMR, practice management software, and a patient portal.

PrognoCIS is a cloud-based software. This ultimately means it is entirely hosted online, with no hardware needed upon implementation. This allows the software to be accessed at any time and at any place. PrognoCIS is ICD-10 coding compliant, and the entire software follows HIPAA regulations as well.

Some of the main features of PrognoCIS includes their patient scheduling and appointment booking tools. Additionally, you can also use the software to manage prescriptions, create a patient portal, and more.

PrognoCIS EMR Pricing

The PrognoCIS EMR pricing inquiries should be sent over directly to the provider. However, for some idea of the possible cost, you should know what the starting range is. The EMR software can be purchased for $250 a month for each provider.

PrognoCIS EMR Demo

You can also reach out to the vendor to ask for a PrognoCIS EMR demo. This tool is essential as you can see how the software performs. This gives you insight into what to expect once the software has been implemented into your practice. Demos are usually run by people who have expertise in the software, who can answer any questions.

PrognoCIS EMR Tools for COVID-19

As EMR copes with changes to healthcare, PrognoCIS EMR has come up with its own tools.


One such tool recommended by most PrognoCIS EMR reviews is the telehealth feature. This allows the enforcement of social distancing regulations while still providing an avenue of care. Patients no longer need to visit the doctor’s office and can get access to care from the comfort of their homes. This is done via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software.

Streamlined Appointments

During the COVID-19 crisis, there was a rush to visit the doctor. At this point, the need for triage comes into play. Using an EMR, you can actually streamline this process and even take it to the virtual world. The patient records can also prove to be an important source of information for analysis later on.


A major part of your work at practice is to work with experts in analytics. This is especially true in the wake of a major global pandemic. This data is essential so predictions can be made regarding COVID-19 surges, possible requirements, and to address necessary changes. The data can also be used for larger national trends to learn about the disease.

COVID-19 Dashboards

EMR dashboards can help health exchanges and decision-makers to visualize data. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these have been crucial to track the spread of the disease in real-time. The data collected has allowed for the creation of better responses, identification hot-spots, and involves various stakeholders.

The Future of EMR In Healthcare

While EMR has grown and changed to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still more room to grow. There are still gaps in what areas of healthcare EMR can cover, and one huge one is accessibility. Currently, telehealth is a relatively new idea and is gaining traction. However, the software must adapt to meet changing needs of practices and patients.

Ultimately, with software like PrognoCIS at the forefront, change is imminent. With the use of innovative technologies and a patient-centric approach, benefits are bound to come. This is coupled with the fact that regulations around the disbursement of telehealth care are changing. This is paving the way for huge leaps to be made in the provision of care.

Final Note – Should I Get PrognoCIS EMR?

While reading this article, the role of the EMR has been explored in detail when it comes to its benefits. The software has a long way to go still, but it is undeniably a major part of modern healthcare. If, after reading this article, you are interested in exploring PrognoCIS EMR, you can do a couple of things.

The software demo can really help you decide if PrognoCIS can work in your practice. Reading reviews from real practices can be extremely useful to weigh the pros and cons of the software. However, ultimately the best tool at your disposal is your judgment.

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