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The Most Unique Date Ideas In NYC To Impress Your Sweetheart

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Unique Date Ideas

The romantic relationship is all starting with making a good impression and a special place for your sweethearts. If you are asking us how to impress your sweetheart, we all must agree on the most common point of the high value of the third date to holding the romantic relationship more fresh and strong.


The different Third Date Ideas can help you to understand the different ways to impress your sweetheart. But before going into a serious romantic relationship, you must know how far you can impress your sweetheart. Impress meaning greater and long-lasting effects that are working as the bridge between you and your sweetheart.


6 Unique Date Ideas In NYC

Dating, and especially the third date, is the matter of making a perfect romantic female led relationship between you and your dating partner. And if you are in NYC and you are quite busy with your regular job. But you want to create a beautifully romantic ambiance to impress your sweetheart.


Here are the six dating ideas you can use to impress your sweetheart on your precious third date.


1.   Wander Over The City In A Helicopter

The aerial view of NYC is counted as the best romantic feature of NYC. The romantic rides are all time available to book to get the sweet romantic flavor of the helicopter travelings.


The helicopter traveling booking agencies are giving the option of choosing the right schedule for traveling. These skyways are the best approach to help you create a perfect ambiance for your sweetheart on dating night.


Most of the helicopters are proving two options: daytime traveling and nighttime traveling. You can choose any of these but no doubt the night ride is more thrilling than the day time.


2.   Sing And Dance In The Marie Chris Cafe

Cafe’s history is quite as thrilling as the history of the cafe is over 100 years old. The romantic atmosphere and the perfect historical romantic place for all couples. This is a historic piano bar where musicians playing the music can enjoy the music and enjoy moving your body.


Your whole evening spending is full of different activities related to music and dance. The history of this cafe is the quite old first time this cafe was open in the 18th century, and after that time, the cafe is still holding the ground and becoming famous between the local gay crowd and the couples.


3.   Rooftop Cocktail Lounge At Gallow Green

As we are talking about the beautiful aerial view of NYC, the rooftop Gallow Green lounge is the best place where you can take the sweet taste of the beverage while enjoying the view from the rooftop area. The green lounge bar with different cocktails and the punching bowels are the main attractions of the place.


The ambiance of the Gallow Green is like a mysterious garden, which stores many secrets for you. The beautiful music is playing all time, and you can enjoy the whole time while sitting in the lounge and tasting the different cocktail punch with delicious pizzas.


4.   Take A Small Walk To The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The beautiful heavenly garden is the best destination for every couple. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is the perfect place where you can spend the whole day while sitting under the cherry blossom tree.


Other than the cherry blossom tree, there are many other large trunk trees. This is the reason this Botanical Garden is counted as the most romantic garden in Brooklyn. If you want to enjoy more, the Sakura Matsuri Festival is the perfect time to visit the Botanical Garden, and when you are in the Botanical Garden, then do not forget to dine in the Magnolia Cafe.


5.   Body Painting Shop And Glow In The Dark

The body painting with the glowing paint is the new trendy fashion of NYC. Like the Green point Brooklyn, there are many types of body painting shops opening for the couple’s body paintings.


You can enjoy the body paintings with the glowing colors. After the painting session, the nearest dance bar is the best place where you can try your dance moves.


6.   One Day Outing At The governor Island

Governor Island is the best place where you can enjoy the beauty of the NYC high-rises structures while sitting under a big tree. The whole day trip planning is best suitable for visiting the governor place.


The whole day you and your sweetheart can spend your whole day while sitting under the big trees and the sunset view is quite beautiful do not forget to stay in the place till the sunset.



These all places are the best for going on the third date. Because if you are planning your third date, then probably you are in a serious romantic relationship. The third dates are very special and important in every aspect of every successful romantic relationship. These all locations are the best places in NYC where you can spend the whole day with lots of enjoyment.

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