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The Evolution of Leather Jackets: A Journey Through History

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Leather Jackets

It is quite easy to speculate or even claim that a specific clothing type or brand is more sustainable. However, throughout history, it has been proved that the use of genuine and pure leather jacket for men and women have been the most sustainable and durable. Even though every clothing company has claimed that no one can ever match the long-lasting and iconic quality of pure leather jackets. There are numerous indications for the birth of leather jackets, as the use of castle skin for clothing has been used for ages. Therefore, today we are going to address the story of genuine and pure leather jackets throughout history.

The Evolution of Leather Jacket Throughout History

In today’s time, discussing all the types of leather jackets is effortless. Due to the effect of globalisation, leather clothing manufacturing companies have become unicorns in the cloth industries by spreading the use of leather globally. According to recent trends, there are more than twenty types of leather jackets. Including,

  • Biker Jackets
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Aviator Jacket
  • Leather Vests
  • Leather Blazers
  • Faux Leather jacket
  • Hooded Jackets.
  • Raincoat Jackets & Many more

Today, we have numerous colourful, stylish options of a pure leather jacket. However, the history of the original jacket is different, as it was never designed for the public. So, without further ado, let’s go through the history of the first leather jackets and their evolution afterwards.

The First Leather Jacket

It is true that most people around the globe know and wear real fabric leather jackets as the fashion of bike riders. However, the birth of the leather jacket happens during early nineteen during wartime. Plus, no matter how far we can go and come up with the references that vintage black leather jackets are the first designed sample. But, in history, it is clearly written that it was “The Bomber Jacket” designed to save American soldiers and pilots from external environmental harm during the flight of fighter planes. Moreover, the prime purpose of bomber jackets was to shield the soldiers from the cold during battles and hours of flight up in the sky.

Birth of Leather Jacket in World War 01

According to numerous online available articles, leather jackets were designed during the First World War. There are numerous states around the globe that claim that leather jackets are their invention. However, after looking at the striking past of American soldiers and flight experts, bomber jackets match their costumes.

Today’s generation may not have a clear idea about the outfit of the soldiers in wartime. But through the war movies, we can speculate that every piece of leather was there to protect the forces of all states involved in the war. Hence, it won’t be wrong to believe that since its birth, leather jackets have been used as a shield for the human body. As that shows the durability and guarding factors of leather jackets.

Pure Leather Jackets the Symbol of the US Army (1917)

After the invocation of leather jackets in 1917, the outer door bomber jackets were tagged as required for a safe flight. Hence, well-manufactured leather jackets protected the American soldiers from rain, snow, dust, scratches and other natural factors. Likewise, every American war movie it is showcased the use of raincoats and body cover vests coasts.

During the time of the terror, every protecting element was considered god gifted. After the end of the war, the manufacturing team extended their reach to common people with US Army tags. During the time of conflicts between multi-polar or superpower countries, soldiers were considered heroes. Therefore, after the launch of the first leather jacket brand, The Perfecto, shielding coats came into the fashion industry.

The First Leather Jacket in Fashion

Even though bomber jackets were the first in history, but the first ever designed leather coats were full sleeves raincoats. With the style of the attitude era, the first stock of the brand The Perfecto came as a new thing for consumers. As people started following the trends after being influenced by their national army heroes. Likewise, military soldiers often used to wear materialistic leather clothes.

Biker Rider’s Love for Leather Jackets (1928)

When no one knew about the fashion of the golden age, there was a trend to wear vintage biker leather jackets. The year 1928 is remembered as the year of the vintage stylish bike riding era. With long curly hair, full-size top boots, stylish motorbikes and plain black zip-up leather jackets, local biker gangs become the show stealers in the middle of nineteen. As a reality, most of the bike riding clubs were famous for their illegal activities, fight clubs and strange cult following practices. However, even in today’s modern era, people admire their way of dressing styles supported by pure leather jackets.

Leather Jacket: The Choice of Classy People (1950-1965)

It is true that the time between 1950-65 is considered the ending of Hollywood’s golden era and the start of the rebellion era, which included pop music and dance. But during that time, the classy and elite class families started admiring the use of leather. It became common to include other fabric materials into the leather and enhance its shape. After the inclusion of different materials, leather jackets knocked on the doors of global markets.

Evolution of Pure Leather Jacket in the Golden Era (1970)

1970 is the time when leather outwears came into the everyday use of people. With the highlight of leather jackets in action, detective and thriller movies, natives of every country become crazy for it. Nowadays, various movies and TV shows are being made with the same custom-designed designs that were first made during the 1970s and 1980s. Hence, from there, the use of the most durable product on earth hasn’t seen any downfall. As after several indications and actions against the use of animal skins, the market for leather jackets is still high and in demand even in online markets.

To Sum It Up

Military background and Western movies have greatly impacted the global recognition of real fabric pure leather jackets for men and women. Moreover, due to the availability of various mediums and marketing, it couldn’t be easy to launch an international market of leather jackets. As the use of leather is more durable, comfortable and sustainable than any other clothing material.

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