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The Beneficial Aspects Of Cpanel Server Management Service

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Cpanel Server Management Service

It is always important for your servers to run 100% of the time. Moreover, you want them to get upgraded to the current applications all the time. With the help of the best Cpanel Server Management Service, you can get experts looking for your servers 24 hours daily.

It is true that overseeing servers can be a tedious task, but not when you have experts to handle the course on your behalf. Moreover, not everyone is well-equipped for observing and altering servers all the time. But, experts will take the task off your shoulders and cover them for your help.

  • You will get help with supporting Cloud Server, Dedicated Server, or VPS running any Linux OS and CPanel.
  • The cPanel server management plan from reliable sources will offer promising admin work on the cPanel shared and dedicated hosting servers.
  • They will support CentOS 5, 6, 7, and Redhat Enterprise editions or any of the other cPanel supported operating systems.

More to learn:

CPanel is considered to be a robust form of web hosting control panel, which will allow the firms to manage servers in detail. With 95% of hosts using it, you are likely to be using it as well!

  • cPanel is here with various offers like FTP accounts to upload files from computer into the server with publicly accessing them online, focusing on dashboard monitoring tools, and more.
  • Thanks to the hosting packages, cPanel servers are now available with promising support requests for an entire month.
  • It means deployment of the application or web on the server. The experts will further configure it from the start as per the industrial standards so that you can be sure that your access is restricted.

The ultimate response time:

The experts are here with an hour of response time, which can guarantee any support ticket with a 24 hours resolution time for any issue. Then you have unlimited ticket support from the same panel. Now, you get to operate various tickets for every issue, and the server admins will fix them and later update you about the same.

The value of migration:

In case you are on the venture to move accounts from one server to the next one, the admin team will help you to migrate them. For that, you will have root access and cPanel running on both the old and new servers.

  • There will be added charges for over 100GB.
  • Cpanel to the cPanel server migration of around 100GB.
  • Then you have other services like database restorations from secondary backup disks, backup restorations, and more.

Now for the serve restorations:

Right from the backup configurations to restorations and database restoration, the admins will cover quite some points related to Cpanel Server Management Service. Check-in with the experts for 3rd party software installation and get help for the same.

Disaster based recovery and hack recovery:

Apart from the points mentioned already, the cPanel server support will further include recovering the data from crashed hard drive or even hacked servers. The admin team will help in rebuilding the system from backups and then secure the same.

In case the server remains under spam or has been hacked with the external scripts under/tmp, the team will help in investigating the matter from its core and then fix the issue. They will further help you with OS recovery through KVM access.

Optimizing your services:

In case your site is running slow, chances are high that you will end up losing customers. The reputed team is here to the rescue and will help in optimizing the cPanel server for that best ever performance so you won’t end up losing clients. Some of the optimization help you will receive are listed below for your reference.

  • MySQL
  • Apache Tweaking
  • Exim
  • LiteSpeed
  • Nginx

So, if you are facing some issues with slow loading problem with your site, you know whom to call for help.

The value of basic security:

The experts will be performing some of the basic security on the new clients and their servers as well. Make sure to get their services beforehand and procure the best results as asked for.

  • There are going to be LFD alerts on the Brute Force Attacks
  • Get help with SMTP Tweaking and Root Login Email Alerts.
  • Now, you will receive setup help of the Mod_security along with its configuration values.
  • Enjoy some security services or PHP Hardening, like SUHOSIN and SUPHP.
  • You will further get help with the installation and configurations of the CSF Firewall.

Monitoring the server log:

The server admins are here to analyze the server logs during spamming or when the server is down. They will restart the failed services once getting notified about it. So, don’t waste your time and opt for Cpanel Server Management Service right away!

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