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The 5 Best Games for PlayStation 5 right now

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PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has been on sale since last year. Even though it is difficult to obtain, there are already thousands of gamers in the world who enjoy the power that the game console offers every day. There is also a nice range that consists of games that are exclusively available for the console and games that you can also play on other platforms.

If you have the PlayStation 5, chances are you want to share that fun with friends. Or that you just go lose yourself. If you really want to see what the game console can do, and would like to find best video game cheats, then these are five good games to try out to enjoy the visual splendor.

Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5

We start this review with Demon’s Souls. The fact that I include the game in this overview is a big compliment to the developers. It is a remake of an old game on the PlayStation 3. And it really wasn’t that nice. So, he has dried up really well in that regard. It is the large environments in particular that look beautiful. But the places where light is played are also enjoyable. The details that you see with the various bosses are also welcome, making this a really very good overall picture.

Spider-Man Miles Morales with Ray Tracing on

On the PlayStation 4, the regular Spider-Man was already a nice-looking game. With the launch of the PlayStation 5, we got Spider-Man Miles Morales. A kind of expansion / small sequel, where you get started with Miles as Spider-Man. The game itself is beautiful, where you see New York in the snow. However, it gets even better if you choose to use Ray Tracing. Then you see the reflection of puddles and especially in the glass of the skyscrapers. It is a piece of technology that makes everything even more beautiful and it really makes an impression.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a game that is one of the better games of 2020. The game benefits from the extra power that the PlayStation 5 gives. In addition to the shorter loading times, which is really nice, you can especially look further into the area. You also have to deal with beautiful details in nature that you walk around in. It is really a small party to find a high point in the game and look at the world of the game there. The difference compared to the PlayStation 4 is not very big, but it is the details that make the whole just a bit better.

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is also a game that is available on multiple platforms. However, the PlayStation 5 version has some advantages over the PS4 version. You can run it in 1800p resolution while running at 60 fps. You will also see that the shadows in the game look better. Ideal if you already have the game on the PS4 and can upgrade it to the PS5. It helps the game in its base just look good, with the impressive number of characters that you get to see on your screen at the same time. In any case, it is a game that is well worth it.

NBA 2K21 is a nice sports game on the PlayStation 5

The last game is NBA 2K21. A game that was released in September of last year, but eventually also got a PlayStation 5 version. And this one is really excellent. It shows what the extra power can bring to a game. Players look better, animations are just a bit smoother, there is more interaction on the floor during the timeouts and light effects come into their own even better. This makes it seem even more that you are watching real basketball than that you are playing a game.

Final Thoughts: Ultimately, the real fireworks are yet to come. Within a few months, for example, you can get started with the new Ratchet & Clank, and Horizon: Forbidden West is on the schedule. And then of course you also have a game like Gran Turismo 7 that probably looks very nice on the PlayStation 5.

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