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Some Useful Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Power Bank

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Portable Charger

It might offend you if I said that we are the one who is irresponsible towards our power banks and the way we use them that results to shorten the lifespan of the portable charger. Then we are again the one who complains mostly that the power bank is unable to perform optimally.

I have bought four portable chargers in the last few years and no one last longer than 6 to 7 months. Yes, its a matter of serious consideration but now I have realized the errors I have made myself instead of the power banks itself, which I am going to share it here with you guys.

Let’s stop here for a few seconds and give a thought to remember how many chargers you have bought and how long they have lasted.

Perhaps it’s a time to overcome all the mistakes we have or at least I have committed.

  1. Keep your power bank cool
  2. Don’t charge it too long
  3. Don’t use any other USB cables to charge it
  4. Use it only when needed
  5. Lessen the use of pass-through charging

Keep your power bank cool

Haven’t you realized the atmosphere play an important in your battery of the power bank? But I have noticed it. Initially, when I was outdoor somewhere in hot weather using my power bank, it becomes hot more than normal as compared to used somewhere in a cool place. You can witness this as well by yourself. The reason behind is the charged cells become preheated when you put the phone on charge in hot place somewhere near the kitchen place or where there is direct sunlight, their electrons become too hot and gradually destroy the battery cells whether its li-polymer or li-lithium, no matter which type battery cells it has.

2. Don’t charge it too long

Its a serious crime if you think your power bank will stop getting charge once it is full by itself, and you don’t need to worry if it is still plugged to the socket. No, a big no. you have to unplug it instantly, otherwise, it will ruin the battery cell by overcharging. Never ever leave it on charge overnight as well. The best way is to unplug it before it fills to 100%. Mostly smartphones has the ability to stop getting charge at full by itself but this sometimes works and sometimes not, depends on your device as well since it is a matter of technology it might fail to work.

3. Don’t use any other USB cable

This is the major mistake I have made most frequently. When our USB cable got lost or we dont make effort to fetch the original cable we all often plug our devices with any of the USB cables that come in our way with suitable jacks for the time being just to finish up the task. Whereas, the USB cables has different volts to pass, the one that comes with the power bank is the only one which is most suitable and compatible with it.

4. Use it when needed

When there is a socket nearby or if you are in a place where you can have a direct excess to charge your phone, tablet or any other device without the intervene of the power bank then why to use a power bank? Give it a rest and charge your phone traditionally.

5. Lessen the use of pass through charge

This is again the case where we can use the standard charger to charge the phone directly from the socket but we still use our power banks. Not only use them but simultaneously recharge the power bank as well. This is the worst condition and probably another major cause to shorten the life of your portable charger.

These are few but important tips that will reduce the chances of shortening the lifespan of your power bank. Follow them and you will notice greatly how your power bank lasts longer than the previous power bank you have purchased.

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