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September 24, 2021

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Smart Band Functionality: What counts To Pick One?

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If you want to get a smart band for yourself. How to get reliable data figured out! Now let’s find out: what can a fitness band tell us about? And how to use the knowledge gained?

For office workers and people with a sedentary lifestyle, the function of counting the number of steps will help improve the overall tone of the body, normalize blood circulation and strengthen the bone apparatus. In some models, it is possible to read the distance traveled, which allows you to correctly normalize the load and not overload the body.

For the accuracy of the pedometer readings, the band uses two sensors: a gyroscope, which determines the angles of rotation, and an accelerometer, which measures acceleration. With the help of these sensors, you can monitor physical activity in general, such statistics take into account any activity: dancing, fitness, climbing stairs, etc.

If you need to get your body in shape, for example for the beach season, a calorie burner counter will come to the rescue. In simple models, measurements are averaged. In advanced ones, they are more accurate, due to a complex counting system that takes into account the speed of movement, demographic and age data, heart rate and blood pressure.

Some bands can even calculate the amount of fat burned. This function, coupled with the possibility of programming, allows you to purposefully go towards your goal – to become slimmer and more attractive.

The heart rate monitor measures your heart rate by illuminating the capillaries on your wrist with diffused light. Depending on the speed of filling them with blood, the pulse is calculated. Knowing about the heart rate allows you to properly train the cardiovascular system and prevent harmful overloads. If you want to get most of the features in your band, just go for Huawei band for an ultimate smart band experience.

Some gadgets calculate blood pressure based on the recording of pulse waves on the wrist. Knowing about pressure allows you to detect hormonal disorders, kidney, heart and spine problems in time. Recall that a fitness band does not replace a blood pressure monitor, but only allows you to receive approximate data in real time throughout the day.

The fitness tracker is indispensable for determining the phases of sleep, and with the smart alarm function, it also wakes you up at the right time, allowing the body to have a good rest and gain strength for new achievements.

Criteria of choice

Let’s summarize and define the criteria to rely on when choosing a fitness band:

  • Purpose: first of all, decide why you need a fitness tracker? If you are a beginner, take a budget model; if you are a pro, then an advanced gadget;
  • Synchronization with devices: You can take the most synchronized one, which interacts with a computer, phone and simulator, however, this does not always make sense, especially if you do not have a simulator;
  • The presence of vibrationis a basic parameter, it is in the language of vibrations that the gadget notifies you about everything;
  • Functionality and sensors: select as needed. “Full mince” is cool, but “average” is good too!
  • Protection against dust and moisture: increases the ability to use the band above and under water.

As you understand, the wider the functionality and the more sophisticated the “band”, the more expensive it is. Therefore, you should not chase fashion – it is better to think thoroughly and weigh your decision on the bowl of frugality: in order to buy a useful gadget, and not an expensive trinket!


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