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Should You Be Consuming L-Glutamine Supplements?

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These days there has been quite a buzz about Glutamine supplements? But are they really effective? Let us clear your doubts about the hotly debated supplement. Well! First let us understand what L-Glutamine and then we will move towards its usage. L-Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that aids in the muscle tissue repair and recovery of your body and is one of the most abundantly occurring amino acids in the body. Glutamine makes up 30 to 35 percent of the amino acid nitrogen in your bloodstream. 

Glutamine is found in both animal and plant proteins. Some of the food sources that are rich in Glutamine are beans, beets, spinach, cabbage, carrots, beef, fish, chicken, dairy products, and eggs. You can also consume Glutamine in the form of supplements if you are unable to include Glutamine in your diet by means of food. L- Glutamine supplements are widely popular in the fitness industry. Glutamine is found in high levels in both casein protein supplements and whey protein supplements. The Glutamine supplements are available in the form of pills, powder and capsules. Some of the Glutamine powder supplements include products like MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine, ON (Optimum Nutrition) Glutamine Powder, MusclePharm Glutamine etc. You can buy Glutamine  supplements online from HealthKart, Amazon and Flipkart or go visit a store personally.

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Glutamine Supplements?

Some of the benefits of consuming L-Glutamine supplements:

  • Supplementing your body with a rich source of L-Glutamine supplement helps in transporting essential nutrients in the blood
  • The L-Glutamine supplements help in fighting against bacteria and viruses that could otherwise cause harm to your body. It is an excellent supplement which helps in enhancing your immune system
  • Regular Glutamine supplement consumption helps in the process of protein synthesis
  • Glutamine supplements are also known to prevent muscle starvation  that is usually caused due to lack of nutrients. So, if you want a supplement that could  prevent muscle breakdown, then go for a supplement that is rich in L-Glutamine.
  • L-Glutamine is one of the best supplements for maintaining good intestine health. It is also known to protect against leaky gut and chronic gastrointestinal disorders.
  • It can also help in increasing your performance during exercise and aid in gaining muscle mass.
  • Since these supplements contain amino acids, it also aids in balancing your body’s PH levels.


How To Consume Glutamine Supplements?

Mix one scoop of Glutamine powder supplements with about 200ml of water and have it directly. Do not consume more than 1 scoop of glutamine without consulting a doctor. If you are consuming L-Glutamine capsules or tablets, then you can take four tablets twice on a regular basis or as per recommended dosage by your doctor, preferably with meals.

Do try a good quality glutamine supplement and let us know your view on this supplement. If you are concerned about the Glutamine powder price, then make sure you buy them from an online store as they provide a lot of discounts in the form of coupons, vouchers and promo codes.

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