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September 28, 2021

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Seven Tips For Choosing The Right Design Patent Drawing Firm

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Best Patent Drawing Firm

Drafting a patent is a challenging task. It incorporates various technical, legal, linguistic, and compliance aspects, and one needs to follow it properly to prepare a high-quality patent application. A design patent is used for obtaining legal protection for the ornamental design of a functional item. It helps the inventor protect the original shape or surface ornamentation of an article and not its structure or valuable features. Since a design is manifested in appearance, a design patent application includes drawing and illustrations besides object claims and descriptions. These patent drawings facilitate the understanding of the invention in the design patent application.

Design patent drawing must include all aspects of the innovation in the illustrations to expedite the understanding and approval of the invention. These drawings must be of high quality and accurate, according to the guidelines defined by the patent office. The USPTO has strict standards for design patent drawings, which cater to the number of views, styles, reference numbers, lines, and more in the design patent drawings. The patent application must contain a sufficient number of ideas for a complete disclosure of the invention’s appearance.

Best Patent Drawing Firm

Since design patent drawings is a complex process, you can outsource it to a patent design drawing service for availing speed, accuracy, and integrity. These firms have the right team in place with the right skills, tools, and framework for drawing practical design patent illustrations. However, choosing the right firm can be daunting.

Tips For Choosing Best Patent Drawing Firm

Here are few essential factors you need to consider for selecting the exemplary patent design drawing service.

Expertise In Your Field

Design patent drawings incorporate technical and legal aspects besides creative processes. These are highly technical drawings that must comply with the specific requirements of the particular Patent Office you intend to submit your application. Moreover, they should understand your invention to capture its essence in the design patent drawings. The firm must have substantial experience in your field so that it can provide relevant and valuable services. It will help them identify how many different views and drawing types will help illustrate your invention correctly.

Acceptance Rates

To measure the quality and reliability aspects of their services, you can review how often the relevant Patent Office accepts the design patent illustrations of the firm. You can assess their work portfolio to analyze the acceptance rates of their drawings. The previous work samples give you necessary insights into the quality of the firm’s services. Review how they take care of technical aspects within the picture and bridge the gap between claims and drawings.

Turnaround Time

It will help if you determine how quickly and efficiently the firm can give you the drawings. The turnaround time depends on the number and complexity of graphics required. However, based on your needs, you can set a deadline for them and ensure they can deliver it within the specified period. Ensure that time constraints do not compromise with the drawing’s quality.

Technology Used

What are the tools and technologies the firm uses to prepare the design patent drawings? These drawings are primarily created using computers and CAD (computer-aided design) software. CAD software helps in generating the 2D drawing views that USPTO requires based on a 3D model. The patent drawing firms can have sophisticated tools and technologies within their workflow for improving the flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the design process.


The design patent firm can provide a blueprint at the outset to define how they intend to move ahead with your project. A one-size-fits-all approach is redundant, and they must bring in necessary innovation pertinent to your design patent to make clear, intelligible, and creative illustrations. They should not wholly rely on previous models but use them appropriately to define your design patent drawings. They must maintain transparency at each stage and communicate about any changes and progress in the project.

Training And Certification

To avoid office action, the design patent drawing firm must stay updated with any current changes in the technical specifications required for these drawings for better alignment with the guidelines. Ensure that the firm has the necessary training and certification that speaks about its expertise in preparing patent drawings.


The patent drawing firm must keep your entire project confidential. Since the patent drawings provide disclosure to the invention, any information leakage can bring in various casualties. The firm can sign a Non-disclosure Agreement to keep your patent confidential from any unauthorized breach. The confidentiality policy the firm has in place should also describe the adequate level of privacy they need to implement while drawing the design patent illustrations.

To Conclude:

These are a few essential tips you should consider while choosing a design patent drawing firm. Selecting the right firm will help you control the cost, time, and resources while designing patent illustrations.

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