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Resolve: How to Recover Deleted Data From Pen Drive Without Any Hindrance

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Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Recover Deleted Data From Pen Drive

Pen drive is mostly utilized to store, back up or transfer important data files like photos and videos, thanks to its durability, portability and fast transfer speeds. Additionally, the vital data stored in pen drive is always prone to lose for multiple reasons such as incidental deletion, unintentional formatting, corrupted media, virus & malware attacks, and human errors. There is no need to worry simply follow those techniques which we will be going to discuss below to know how to recover deleted data from pen drive. Initially, go through the below-listed query that will help you to understand more about this post:

Recover Permanently Deleted Files

I just unintentionally clicked “Yes” when prompted to permanently delete a few files from my pen drive. Is it possible to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive without any hindrance? There are so many recommendations of third-party data recovery software’s on the internet, and I am unable to decide which one to choose to recover deleted data from pen drive. Provide me with an appropriate solution to do the same. Thanks.”

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I was deleting some unused data from my Sandisk pen drive. I Did not know when, I have deleted my crucial data from pen drive. Now I want to recover only my important data. Is it possible to recover deleted important data from pen drive. If yes they please suggest me solution ASAP. Thanks in advance”


Free Solutions to Recover Deleted Data From Pen Drive

Here, in this segment, we are going to describe the manual techniques to how to recover deleted data from pen drive. This following procedure is divided into two parts. You just need to follow all the steps in the sequential way to get a positive outcome:

Solution 1: Recover Deleted Data from Pen Drive Using CMD

1. First of all, in Windows 10/8.1/8/7, navigate to Run by clicking Windows Key + R.

2. Now, add CMD to enter command prompt.

3. Here, type in the command wizard attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, and press Enter or wait for a few minutes.

Solution 2: Restore Deleted Data from Pen Drive By Using Previous Version of Files or Folders

In addition, to recover deleted data from pen drive using CMD, you can try another method to restore a previous version of files in Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

1. Initially, right-click on the folder that includes your deleted data and chooses Properties option.

2. Now, hit on the tab “Previous Versions”.

3. At last, you can see a list of the older version of the folder. Choose the file edition you need to restore and click “Restore” button.

Instant Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive

As you can see, that the manual techniques having some highly technical terms. And the free solutions are tough to execute for a non-technical users. So, here we come up with an appropriate method to resolve how to recover deleted data from pen drive. This is a third-party software named as SysTools Pen Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software. A user can easily recover permanently deleted files from pen drive, with the help of this utility. This recovery software is capable to restore, corrupted, deleted, formatted data from pen drive. This application is equipped with advanced features and functionalities. It is a prominent software to perform recovering procedure.

Common Reasons Behind Data Loss Issue From Pen Drive

Nobody expects data to get lost from pen drive, but incidents do happen, as files can be lost due to all kinds of causes. Factors that lead to pen drive data loss issue can be described in the following section:

  • Accidentally deleted files from pen drive.
  • Data files were deleted by virus or malware secretly without noticed by users.
  • Unintentionally format pen drive and remove all data on the drive.
  • Error occurs during Cut and Paste procedure and important files get lost.
  • Repartition pen drive and deletes all partitions and files.
  • The pen drive consists of bad sectors and loses access to files.
  • The power supply of drive port is inadequate and files cannot be written to the pen drive properly.
  • The absolute memory chip of pen drive causes files loss issue abruptly.

Cautions You Should Note to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Pen Drive

Successful pen drive recovery is decided on a couple of factors. You should take cautions when you encounter data loss issue. Here, are some notes you should keep in mind in order to get successfully data recovery from pen drive:

  • Immediately stop using the device to avoid further damage to lost data. For example, do not save any another new file to the drive or access any existing files on the pen drive. That is because those actions can overwrite the deleted data and make them irretrievable.
  • Do not reformat and format the pen drive, as formatting procedure does include writing actions.
  • Close all other applications which might be utilizing the pen drive.
  • Do not generate new files, move data, copy data or anything else on the pen drive.
  • If the pen drive is physically damaged, you should have to contact an expert data recovery center which owns recovery machines to recover data from the damaged drive.

Final Words

The procedure of recovering deleted data from pen drive is no longer complicated or time-consuming. Anyone can easily get back their deleted, corrupted and formatted data easily with the help of pen drive recovery software. This tool facilitates an understandable user interface even, a novice user can also avail it. Mainly, we discussed the free solutions also to resolve how to recover deleted data from pen drive. Thus, a user can opt any one of them as per the need and preference.

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